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The open design will make the originally spacious large house look more imposing, and will make the slightly crowded small house look transparent and bright; Simple interior decoration will reserve a comfortable activity space for homeowners, which will help to release physical and mental fatigue... Enjoy the following group of small house decoration design renderings, in which the design may provide you with very good design inspiration

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decoration community: Poly Lanhai county (more decoration renderings of poly Lanhai county) decoration company: Decoration bidding decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: simple contract amount: 60000

very elegant and comfortable small house type home. Although the interior decoration design is simple, the overall effect is beautiful and distinctive, The combination of fashion and nature gives people a distinctive visual impression. The open design in the figure connects the three functional areas of kitchen, living room and dining room. Without any partition, the whole space appears very longitudinal, and the vision is very broad, which makes up for the lack of small space

the spacious floor to ceiling windows not only introduce sufficient natural light into the room, but also provide the owner with the best platform for overlooking, which effectively relieves the tension and depression of small apartment space. The bar at the exit of the kitchen has become the connecting point between the living room and the kitchen. Such an open design method in the picture not only conforms to the life concept of modern home fashion, but also enhances the convenience of life. It is the highlight of this decoration design effect picture, which can be used for reference

the decoration design of this small family restaurant not only shows the elegance and dignity of European style, but also has the simplicity and nature of rural style. The ceiling of the living room is specially designed, including exquisite gypsum carvings, chandeliers with metal brackets and flower like lamps, fabric sofas in modern and simple style, chic TV background walls, dining room background walls in the shape of diamond mirrors, and solid wood dining tables and chairs. Each decoration is quite aesthetic, and more importantly, it is also very harmonious and natural. It can be said that the decorative effect of the room is very good

the bathroom background wall in the shower room is made of marble. The unique texture of marble improves the grade of the whole bathroom design, reflecting a sense of luxury. In addition, the large-area bathroom background wall is still clean white, setting off a clean and refreshing bathing atmosphere. The long and narrow basin design with a partition in the middle becomes the space for placing all kinds of toiletries. The simple design increases the storage space of the bathroom design. Opposite the washstand is a small window design, which brings good lighting to the whole bathroom design and makes you wash more comfortable

community profile: Poly Lanhai county is another masterpiece of Hubei poly in Nanhu New City in 2011. The project is located in the South Lake plate in the central area of Wuchang. The front line is adjacent to the lake and on the North Bank of the South Lake. It enjoys the vast South Lake of 760 hectares, overlooks the beautiful lion mountain opposite, and has a beautiful environment near the mountains and rivers. The project is close to Zhongnan business district, jiejiekou business district and Guanggu business district, and it takes 10 minutes by car. There are 15 bus lines on Xiongchu avenue to three towns directly, with convenient transportation. Shopping, medical treatment, education and catering facilities are available

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