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The apple of my eye home Thanksgiving mother's day, budget 30000 perfect whole house. This mother's day, I just want to hold you in the palm of my hand and spoil you as the apple of my eye

when you were a child, you created a fairy tale world at home

in the fairy tale, the curtain and tablecloth are fairy skirts

a one meter bed can also be filled with crystal balls

as long as you hide at the door, there will never be a big gray wolf

thank you, even if the years are cold and thin, you have made it shine

when you grow up, I want a home to keep your time

1.8 width, a bed to escort your sleep

lazy sofa, an antidote to your fatigue

as long as you are at home, you can always smile like flowers

this mother's day

just want to hold you in the palm of your hand and spoil you as the Pearl of your hand

exclusive pricing, unbridled pet mother

no complex calculation problems

direct pricing, willful pet mother

15 finished products +11 ㎡ customization +3m cabinet +8.5m curtains

pet price is only 31999

if you love her, create a warm home for her

self willed new home millions of home decoration gift bags are free

in addition to the exclusive mother's Day package

4.13-5.12, millions of home decoration gift bags are free

from the bedroom to the restaurant, from the curtains to the sofa

every decoration is worthy of careful preparation

ingenuity, Mingzhu contracted your two rooms and two halls

private exclusive -0 yuan free design

the Pearl in your hand provides 0 yuan free design of the whole house

just make an online appointment, and professional designers come to measure the room

free design of the 3D renderings of the whole house

this time, you are only responsible for the sky, Mingzhu is responsible for every detail of making your dream come true

, It's all your personal customization

triple gifts to help mother's Day:

spoiled mother set meal + million home decoration gifts +0 yuan free design

this may, let love upgrade

I wish time will always cherish my mother's beautiful appearance

indulge my mother willfully and act immediately

4.27-5.5 pearl one yuan second kill activity is popular all over the country

Hao sprinkles prizes only for pet powder

5999 yuan new mattress, music sleep pillow, excellent stool

exciting activities, rich prizes

attracted tens of thousands of Pearl fans to fight together at one time

is to make you happy and cool

this week's mother's Day activities are still in full swing

more exciting, pearl stores across the country are waiting for you





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