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When the pompous boasting of old classmates' gatherings has become an intuitive embodiment of their own quality of life, the persuasion is not as powerful as a delicate home

Xiaobian Xiaoyu: when the pompous boasting of old classmates' gatherings becomes an intuitive embodiment of your quality of life, the persuasion is not as powerful as a delicate home

home decoration Mini pond turns the home into a natural oxygen bar, and the rare pattern arrangement gives a new definition to home decoration. The way of opening the shutter shoe cabinet, the decoration is practical

white blister wallboard and bronzing dark pattern wallpaper complement each other to create a European style environment. Solid wood furniture with simple styles and strong lines, strengthen the thickness of decorative space, and embody the noble atmosphere of European style incisively and vividly

taking the wine cabinet as a space partition, it is bold and innovative, which not only avoids the sense of disharmony caused by the excessive concentration of the cabinet, but also makes rational use of trivial space. Small bar, goblets, red wine, metal carved photo frames are everywhere, reflecting the romantic feelings of people who like European style

the Chinese style bedroom specially built for the elders of the family can switch freely in the European style, but it is not abrupt. The good morality of the filial son of Greater China is interpreted affectionately in one outfit and one decoration

as the center of the bedroom, the imperial bed is majestic and magnificent, and the carved flowers and pillars show the noble temperament. Small and large broken flowers bloom in the room soft, warm and warm

the children's room built according to the child's gender and personality characteristics is full of childlike innocence, and the vivid and interesting soft clothes make the child fall in love with his room from now on! There is no need for parents to worry about studying and sleeping anymore




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