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On July 21, the first 2000 ㎡ super large full house customization + overall home experience Hall of bangyuan famous craftsman in eastern Guangdong was grandly opened in Chaozhou

on July 21, the first 2000 ㎡ super large full house customization + overall home experience Hall of bangyuan famous craftsman in eastern Guangdong was grandly opened in Chaozhou. Cai, President of Chaozhou Decoration Association, Ms. Xiao, general manager of bangyuan craftsman, and other guests attended the opening ceremony. In addition, many local media friends attended the opening ceremony

opening ceremony of the second store in Chaozhou

the opening of the Chaozhou integrated home customization Experience Hall of bangyuan famous craftsman marks the gradual emergence of the brand "big home" strategic pattern of "small space, big customization" of bangyuan famous craftsman! This is also the official opening of the second Chaozhou store, which aims to create a perfect customized home experience for Chaozhou and even Eastern Guangdong, and provide a more comfortable, reassuring and worry free overall supporting customized home

the opening of Chaozhou experience Pavilion is a rare opportunity for Chaozhou consumers who are about to decorate their new houses. The opening of Chaozhou experience hall can be described as a "three in one" large-scale mid year Juhui home customization Festival - "bangyuan famous craftsman general signing ceremony + opening ceremony + factory annual direct sales" three major festive benefits are concentrated together, and customizing the whole house home makes the benefits several times. Thanks to the blessing of bangyuan famous craftsman head office, great discounts have been offered to the city, and the war has attracted a large number of Chaozhou friends to attend the event. Before the official start of the event, the scene was already crowded with people. Coupled with the majestic lion dance, gongs and drums were noisy and lively for a time! At the opening event site, thousands of people visited the experience hall

event site

with the continuous arrival and experience of customers, the atmosphere at the opening ceremony is constantly warming up and bustling, pushing the event to a climax. After a vigorous lion dance, the host officially announced the opening of the grand event. At the beginning of the event, President Zeng, a famous craftsman of bangyuan Chaozhou store, delivered an opening speech, expressing his gratitude and announcing the huge preferential policies of this event

next, Ms. xiaodongmei, the founder and general manager of bangyuan famous craftsman brand, emphasized the opening of bangyuan famous craftsman Guangdong Experience Hall, marking that the bangyuan famous craftsman home customization system "customized cabinet + customized wardrobe + software supporting products" is moving towards the national sales stores in an all-round way, involving every corner of the home space and seizing a trillion market. The combination of customized cabinets + customized wardrobes + software supporting facilities is more scientific. This combination not only bases on the survival and operation of stores at present, but also ensures that stores will not be eliminated by the market in the next 10 years. More specifically, it will pour various channel resources to help its rapid development

Ms. Xiao, general manager of bangyuan famous craftsman, delivered a speech at the scene

followed by the congratulatory speech delivered by Cai, President of Chaozhou Decoration Association. The speech was full of welcome. I wish the opening of the Dongyue Experience Hall of bangyuan famous craftsman a great success, share customized wealth, and win-win results for both sides to create a brilliant brand! Then, chairman Cai of Chaozhou Decoration Association, general manager xiaodongmei of bangyuan famous craftsman, marketing director Liu Chongzuo of bangyuan famous craftsman, general manager Zeng of Chaozhou store and others jointly touched the opening ball, and witnessed the heavy start of the whole house customized East Guangdong Experience Hall of bangyuan famous craftsman Chaozhou with everyone present

with the advance of time, the opening activities reached a climax. The day was crowded, and many new and old customers were amazed by the exquisite Juelun product display in the store. According to general manager Zeng of Chaozhou store, a famous craftsman of bangyuan: "Bangyuan famous craftsman Chaozhou store covers an area of 2000 square meters, and there are all kinds of home customization experience halls. There are more than 30 kinds of decoration style supporting products, such as luxury cabinets, European style, modern light luxury, retro American style, modern new Chinese style, idyllic style, Mediterranean style, and so on. The intelligent 3D design system is in place in one step, and the whole customization process is completed in one stop. Our elite construction team, together with the strength of hard decoration design and soft decoration, is tailored for customers Make a "small space" with its own characteristics to meet the individual needs of customers. At the same time, all the goods we sell are priced clearly, so that everyone can consume clearly while ensuring quality. It can be said that as long as customers want it, we can do it, and we will better serve the people in future sales and services. "

the experience hall has everything from Chinese, American, European and classical, soft curtains, intelligent and fresh ornaments... There are also walls decorated with imported European pine boards. Every detail of the decoration makes people enjoy it. At the scene, an old customer took out the photos on his mobile phone to show people his new home, "This is the real picture I finished decorating. This is the effect picture they designed at the beginning. Can you see the difference? " seeing the pictures so restored between the real picture and the effect picture, everyone is amazed! Because from the comparison between the effect picture and the real picture, both the living room ceiling, kitchen cabinet, bedroom color and so on are exactly the same, even the chandelier, sofa, coffee table, seem to be moved out of the effect picture, so on With the high degree of reduction, you can't tell clearly and see it completely beautiful...

real photos of Chaozhou second store

with the closing of the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony of bangyuan famous craftsman Chaozhou whole house customized experience hall has achieved a perfect end of terminal revenue of 10million, which is gratifying

winners of on-site activities

nowadays, with the large home market, it is the king to pay close attention to quality and service. Bangyuan famous craftsman home customization has been deeply engaged in the customization industry for many years, and has always adhered to the business philosophy of "craftsmanship, craftsmanship and Craftsmanship" to create a happy overall home life for the majority of consumers. At the same time, as a big brand of overall wardrobe, the development of bangyuan famous craftsman has not left the trust and support of consumers. The Dongyue Experience Hall of bangyuan famous craftsman has officially set sail, and will take it as its own responsibility to make "customization" simpler, provide one-stop home customization services for owners in Chaozhou, and directly carry their bags to check in the home experience





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