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For Chinese people, owning a house of their own is a dream of many people. How to make the house look like your favorite has become a common problem faced by everyone who needs decoration. Let's teach you how to solve this problem

are you still crazy about the decoration period of 3-6 months? Are you still worried about the decoration effect not reaching the expectation? Are you still afraid of the rampant indoor air pollution after decoration? For Chinese people, owning a house of their own is a dream of many people. How to make the house look like your favorite has become a common problem faced by everyone who needs decoration. Let's teach you how to solve this problem

decoration is like a "intelligence race". In the whole process of decoration, you keep fighting with decoration companies, construction teams, building materials merchants and other wise men. All kinds of budgets and routines are waiting for you. According to the statistics of the consumer association in 2016: during the decoration process, the number of disputes reached about 90%, and 80% of the home decoration formaldehyde, TVOC, xylene and other seriously exceeded the standard. According to the data of the international health organization, 70% of pregnant women's abortions are related to indoor pollution, and 90% of families with leukemia children have been decorated with traditional materials within half a year. With so many home decoration problems and so many decoration problems that need to be urgently solved, what should we do to save them

as an environmental protection brand, tscn integrated wall top injection adopts the application and innovation of new technology, selects natural and environmental friendly bamboo and wood fibers as raw materials, and combines modern nanotechnology to develop and produce integrated wall top products. The whole production process does not contain any glue components, avoiding the harm to human body caused by formaldehyde release in the materials. After testing, the formaldehyde emission is only 0.02mg/l, which is much lower than the national standard (the national standard is 1.5mg/l). Tscn integrated wall top is not only environmentally friendly, but also beautiful and practical. It has five style themes, including modern, Chinese, American, European neoclassical, and idyllic Mediterranean, to meet the different needs of consumers to a greater extent. If this is your home, would you like it

tscn integrated wall top perfectly explains what real quality home decoration is. It is not only a high-quality building material with outstanding quality, but also a new concept of life

1. Comparison of construction period: finish installing a home in 15 days. The traditional decoration requires a three-month construction period and ventilation for half a year

2. Environmental protection comparison: using environmental protection materials, the formaldehyde emission is far lower than the national standard, and it is really installed and lived. Traditional materials contain a lot of formaldehyde, which is harmful to health

3. Sound insulation comparison: the sound insulation of ordinary walls is about 45 dB, and the sound insulation of tscn integrated wall top can reach 29 dB. Traditional painted tiles have no sound insulation effect

4. Insulation comparison: polyurethane is the mainstream insulation material in the world at present, and the temperature difference between tscn Tuscany integrated wall and painted room is 10 degrees Celsius. However, the thermal insulation effect of traditional materials is not obvious

5. Fire protection comparison: according to the inspection of authoritative departments, the fire protection grade of tscn Tuscany integrated wall top has reached the B1 level flame retardant standard, with stable flame retardant performance. The fire resistance of traditional materials is not up to standard

6. Aesthetic Comparison: tscn integrated wall top is not only green, but also changeable in shape, which can achieve a variety of material effects. Traditional materials are generally white or other solid colors, which are monotonous

7. Comparison of waterproof and moisture-proof: tscn Tuscany integrated wall top effectively prevents moisture, water seepage and mildew. Traditional material walls are prone to water seepage, falling off and other phenomena

8. Cleaning comparison: tscn integrated wall top is easy to clean, does not deform, does not fade, and has many functions such as wear resistance, stain resistance, etc. Traditional materials are not easy to clean, and cleaning is easy to cause the wall to fall off and mildew

9. Durability comparison: the service life of tscn integrated wall top can be as long as 50 years, which is 3-5 times that of traditional walls

tscn Tuscany has obtained more than 30 patented technologies and several authoritative certifications through independent research and development. In 28 provinces across the country, it has more than 1200 franchised stores, and has settled in large shopping malls such as red star Macalline, incredibly home, Yuexing international home, Xiyingmen, etc., bringing the most real experience to customers. In the past 17 years, it has exchanged sincerity for the trust of tens of millions of users

excellent team: the design team creates the most suitable home environment in an all-round way according to the needs of customers, and the construction team checks all links layer by layer until the project is completed and accepted

rich promotional activities: tscn integrated wall top insists on giving consumers the most powerful discounts. Stores hold promotional activities such as group purchase meetings and price bargaining meetings to give consumers the most intimate preferential policies, so that consumers can buy high-quality products at ultra-low prices

perfect after-sales service: tscn Tuscany insists on bringing more specific, comprehensive and perfect services to consumers to realize zero risk shopping and let customers worry free

tscn Tuscany, tailor-made exclusive decoration scheme, bid farewell to traditional decoration, stay away from decoration pollution, and build a healthy, environmental friendly, warm and fashionable home in 15 days. You who are still worried about decoration, don't hesitate! Let tscn integrated wall top realize your "decoration dream"

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