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Peng Chang: world-class vision of a famous nonwovens town

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on April 17, Hubei Xinxin company airlifted 300000 isolation clothes, 13million masks and 450000 CPE robes to the European Union

"in less than 24 hours, this batch of goods can be delivered to customers.

" general manager Pan Jing said that the epidemic in foreign countries is tight, and the company can't receive orders, and production continues

Xinxin company is an epitome of PENGCHANG Town, a "famous nonwoven industry town", participating in the supply of international epidemic prevention materials. Every day, it supplies medical and civil epidemic prevention materials to more than 100 countries and regions. Peng Chang is at full power to release production capacity and help the global war epidemic

from "1+6" to the resumption of the whole industry

the wide Xianpeng Avenue connects nonwoven factories. The streets were full of traffic and people

"mask machine", "protective clothing", "melt blown cloth"... Peng Chang, who "rests" on a piece of "cloth", talks most about non-woven fabrics, and those who brush the screen in the circle of friends

There are more than 300 nonwovens factories in a small town with a population of

120000, collecting the information flow, logistics and capital flow of global epidemic prevention materials

in the melt blown cloth workshop of Hengtian Jiahua company, rolls of melt blown cloth were uploaded from the production line

"each line produces 8 tons per day, with a daily output of more than 20 tons, and can produce more than 20 million masks." Hengtian Jiahua originally produced SMS Nonwovens. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, it invested nearly 8million to urgently convert to melt blown cloth for medical masks

batches of raw materials and products, after reprint, distribution and transportation, are connected and support more than half of the production capacity of masks in the town

from equipment manufacturing, raw material supply to product production, Peng Chang's interlocking industrial chain gradually returns to spring after winter sting

in the early stage of the epidemic, in order to fulfill the "military order" of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Xiantao laid out "1+6" in PENGCHANG, that is, one main raw material enterprise and six medical protective clothing enterprises, working day and night to make "war gowns" for front-line medical personnel. From a few thousand pieces a day to 30000 and 50000 pieces, Xiantao overfulfilled the task

as the domestic epidemic continued to improve, Peng Chang did not have time to catch his breath and immediately turned to the supply of international epidemic prevention materials

with the "hard core" support of Wuhan's commerce, finance, finance, human resources and social security and other relevant departments, as well as the resumption of customs and port operations of Xiantao customs, Xiantao port and CIMC Donghan shipping at the first time, "sea, land and air" promoted the export of "road access", and more than 300 non-woven fabric enterprises in PENGCHANG all resumed work

from protecting Hubei Province to supplying the global

war "epidemic", Xiantao provided 80% of the medical protective clothing to the whole province, of which 20% came from the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine of Yucheng company. How to operate it

"battle Robe" is excellent, and soldiers are carefree. Zhou Lirong, general manager of Yucheng, was gratified by the fact that more than 40000 medical personnel assisting Hubei had not been infected for more than 70 days

with its production capacity and reputation gathered in the supply guarantee of the civil war "epidemic", Yucheng is regarded by UNICEF. On April 17, the representative of the third-party inspection agency entrusted by UNICEF made a special trip to Xiantao to inspect the protective clothing purchased from Yucheng "behind closed doors". 100000 pieces of protective clothing to be shipped all met the standards. After that, Yucheng successfully received an order of 800000 protective clothing from UNICEF, and 100000 pieces have been delivered so far

what worries Zhou Lirong is not the time order of products with relatively large recycling, but the old customers coming and having no way to deal with it. "You can take small orders, but you can't take big orders." Zhou Lirong said frankly that she still had orders from merchants from Britain, France, Poland and Belgium. A week ago, she received 50000 orders from new customers from Israel, and she could only politely decline large orders from Italian and Spanish customers

Hubei Xinxin company has top-level melt blown cloth production capacity, and many customers are asking for more than three times the high price. Pan Jing, general manager of the company, rejected the order: there are too many high-tech fields including 3D printing materials, carbon fiber composites, special engineering plastics, etc., and he is really "unable to support it"

Xinxin company is the leader in Xiantao nonwovens industry. It has passed ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA and CE certification. It has more than 20 medium and high-end nonwovens production lines and more than 4000 special equipment. With an annual output of 80000 tons of nonwovens, 350million pieces of isolation clothes, 200million round hats and 400000 pieces of protective clothing, it is one of the largest suppliers of medical protective articles in the world

in China's plastic machinery market, in April, when it was difficult to find a "Mask" in the world, Xinxin company stopped a mask workshop and concentrated its production capacity on isolation clothes and CPE robes that other manufacturers could not do. Xinxin's strategy is to "protect old customers". Even if the price given by old customers is slightly lower, Xinxin also gives priority to order supply

it is reported that there are 57 nonwovens enterprises in PENGCHANG, and the orders are all arranged to the end of May

build a world-class nonwoven platform

on April 17, on the project site of the 2000 mu start-up area in PENGCHANG nonwoven featured Town, excavators waved their huge arms and transport vehicles shuttled back and forth. Workers were grabbing the sunny weather to level the land

as the "No.1 Project" of Xiantao, the nonwoven featured town with a total investment of 5.7 billion and a planned area of 14.3 square kilometers carries the dream of Xiantao to build a world-class nonwoven platform

for more than 30 years, PENGCHANG has "finely woven" a piece of cloth, with nearly 40% of the country's non-woven fabric production capacity, and more than 80% of the products are exported. It is one of the main producers of protective materials in the world

behind the brilliance, another fact is undeniable. "The proportion of self operated exports is small, there are few brands, the added value of products is low, and the profit is thin." The main person in charge of PENGCHANG town said that most of these nonwovens enterprises play the role of "behind the scenes heroes"

the epidemic is both a test and an industry opportunity. Planning "four bases and two centers" and building an industrial park is a "new move" for Xiantao to seek opportunities from the crisis and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the nonwoven industry

Guangzhou Jinsheng brilliant project was launched, Shanghai jieyingtu melt blown cloth project signed an agreement, and the US funded applause project hit it off... Eight projects were signed in the start-up area, and 200million is the "investment threshold"

"investment attraction is so popular that I didn't dare to think about it in the past." According to the person in charge of Peng Chang, the projects settled and came to negotiate cover the upstream and downstream of raw materials, fabrics, and various products, "all industries and all elements", including many high-tech enterprises aiming at listing

what investors like is Peng Chang's industrial agglomeration ability, leading position in the global supply chain and broad growth space. More and more industry leaders have joined the "group chat", which has become a catalyst for improving brand image, product quality and added value, and lifting the entire industrial chain

at present, the world-class nonwovens platform, which integrates the national emergency protective materials reserve base, the national nonwovens raw and auxiliary materials supply base, the national nonwovens products production base, the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (nonwovens), the national nonwovens product quality supervision and inspection center, and the national Nonwovens Technology Center "four bases and two centers", has been put on the ground from paper and promoted efficiently in PENGCHANG. According to the first phase plan, after the completion of the platform, it will produce 20million pieces of medical protective clothing, 100million N95 medical masks and more than 2billion disposable medical masks

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