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The application of UG in sheet metal design and manufacturing

this paper introduces the research and application of UG software in sheet metal CAD, CAM/CAE in order to improve the quality and efficiency of sheet metal design and manufacturing

with the continuous development of mechanical design automation, cad/cae/CAM integrated software emerges in endlessly, and UG software is one of them. UG software can integrate the whole process of mechanical design and production. Through a unique parametric and part oriented 3D solid model design and manufacturing technology, it changes the traditional design concept and provides us with a more intuitive, more effective and faster design approach. In mechanical manufacturing, the solid part model and assembly modeling can be created by using UG software. It has motion simulation function, virtual assembly function, engineering drawing generation function, advanced numerical control function, etc. in the design process, finite element analysis, mechanism motion analysis, dynamics analysis and simulation can be carried out to improve the reliability of the design. Here, only the application of UG software in sheet metal design and manufacturing is discussed

1 overview of sheet metal manufacturing

sheet metal parts are parts with certain shape, size and performance obtained by stamping process. Because the cold stamping process has the advantages of high generation rate and suitable for mass production, sheet metal parts are widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical industry, grain processing machinery and other industries, and gradually become an important part in the current parts processing industry. The traditional design method of sheet metal parts is that sheet metal engineers conceive three-dimensional products in the brain, and then express the products in two-dimensional drawings through the geometric projection of the brain. More than half of the workload of engineers is in the mutual transformation of three-dimensional entities and two-dimensional engineering drawings, as well as tedious table lookup and calculation. And the manufacturing workers have to reflect the two-dimensional pattern in the brain into a three-dimensional entity, and then process - marking (lofting and unfolding), cutting, forming, connecting and assembling, which is time-consuming and laborious. If computer-aided design and manufacturing are applied to the manufacturing industry of sheet metal parts, especially the UG software is applied to the design and manufacturing of sheet metal parts, Blake Leeper, the gold medalist of the U.S. Paralympic Games, sends an invitation to the designers, which can make the design of sheet metal parts very fast and significantly improve the manufacturing and assembly efficiency

2 the main steps of applying UG software to the design and manufacturing of sheet metal parts

2.1 the design of sheet metal parts

the original impulse of people in designing parts is three-dimensional, and the result of design implementation is a three-dimensional entity with related concepts such as color, material, hardness, shape, size, position, related parts, manufacturing process, etc. However, in traditional design, the information transmission between the two is actually two-dimensional graphic expression. Due to the limited means in the past, people had to jointly agree on the two-dimensional view expression rules of the horizontal orthographic projection in the first quadrant (the third quadrant in the United States), and express their three-dimensional ideas with a limited number of two-dimensional projection drawings with increasingly high requirements for the quality of life. This kind of information expression is extremely incomplete, and drawing and reading must be carried out by specially trained people

if you can directly start the design with the three-dimensional concept, especially with the support of UG software, you can more intuitively and accurately express all the geometric parameters of the design idea, and the whole design process can be completely discussed on the three-dimensional model. UG software provides a sheet metal design module UG/sheet metal design for sheet metal equipment. It can help sheet metal engineers rationalize the design process from the perspective of the connection between design and manufacturing, and gradually create sheet metal parts from the generation of sheet metal and the completion of each process. It can be regarded as a virtual environment for processing sheet metal parts. Engineers can design and assemble parts directly on the computer screen. The manufacturing process of products is almost the same as that of real products. The products on the computer screen are the three-dimensional images of future products

after the design of a single sheet metal part is completed, the three-dimensional models of multiple parts can be simulated and assembled, and the parts in the assembly model are related: if a part in the assembly model is modified, other parts will be modified automatically, so as to greatly shorten the design and processing cycle of products and improve the accuracy of product design

2.2 unfolding of sheet metal parts

after the design of sheet metal parts is completed, in order to facilitate processing, it is necessary to convert them into unfolded drawings to determine the required sheet metal size and shape. When the traditional sheet metal parts are unfolded, they are calculated manually by experience. There are three disadvantages: (1) heavy workload and cumbersome deployment process. (2) The efficiency is low, and it is easy for ordinary engineers to make mistakes in deployment. (3) The accuracy is low, and most of the deployment is obtained by experience, resulting in a large amount of food costs for materials and labor

in UG, the automatic unfolding function of its sheet metal module UG/sheet metal design can be used to complete the automatic unfolding of sheet metal parts. The shape and size of the expanded sheet can be obtained by automatic calculation, so it has the advantages of high speed, high precision, zero error rate and simple operation

2.3 simulation of the processing process of sheet metal parts

from another point of view, the processing process of sheet metal parts can be simulated by using the automatic expansion function and arbitrary angle transformation function in UG/sheet metal design module, so as to determine the best manufacturing route of the parts and complete the process analysis of the parts. In the process of simulating the machining process, the selection of bending tools is completed

2.4 output of sheet metal parts processing technology

using the powerful drawing two-dimensional view function of UG/drafting module, we can draw various required process maps conveniently, quickly and accurately, which is convenient for the production and inspection of subsequent processes. Due to the single database of UG, the two-dimensional engineering drawing is completely related to the three-dimensional solid model. For example, the sheet metal modeling has changes such as stretching, bending, impact, hardness and so on, and the two-dimensional view also changes automatically. Therefore, the accuracy and drawing efficiency of the two-dimensional drawing are greatly improved

2.5 layout of sheet metal parts

using UG/sheet metal nesting module, multiple optimal layout of several kinds of parts can be carried out on a blank. Users only need to provide the type of parts, the quantity of each part and the specification of the sheet metal used, and the system can carry out "automatic nesting" and select the best of different combination layouts. The module can also optimize the stamping process, reduce tool replacement, and minimize the relocation of plates when stamping parts. Users can also layout directly on the sheet in the interactive graphic mode

2.6 preparation and output of NC machining program for sheet metal parts

ug/manufacturing module provides complete programming means for programmers to choose. Including two axis to five axis CNC milling, two axis to four axis CNC wire cutting, three axis CNC EDM, turret multi station stamping and other processing means. Programmers can carry out NC programming according to needs, and use the machining simulation module of UG to simulate the machining of the compiled program. If the machining effect is not ideal, it can be corrected in time, so as to obtain the most ideal machining effect

2.7 NC machining of sheet metal parts

use the corresponding post-processing file to convert the tool position file into the NC code program that can be recognized by the machine tool, and input it to the corresponding NC machine tool through the serial interface for NC machining of sheet metal parts

3 conclusion

(1) using UG software for the aided design of sheet metal parts can completely free engineers from the trouble of drawing part drawings and unfolded drawings, which is more intuitive and efficient than the traditional design process

(2) using CAE module for analysis, the design defects are minimized

(3) using cam module, the processing ability and efficiency are improved

(4) UG software also provides data interfaces for AutoCAD and other software, so that these software can exchange data with UG

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