Application of the hottest unimat200 module in hig

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Application of unimat 200 module in high light mode temperature machine

I. Company Profile:

Shenzhen Yiwei hardness Automation Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a leading technology and service provider in the field of industrial automation and process automation, and also the fastest-growing control system manufacturer. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service. The company has a comfortable office environment and academic exchange center, and Shenzhen manufactures unimat products that are fully compatible with ss PLC and software. The brand has a full set of independent intellectual property rights of the products. The company is committed to the automation and information construction of industrial enterprises. Relying on a strong technology research and development team, it combines industry expertise, develops core software and control technology, and provides a set of automation and information solutions for metallurgy, energy, chemical industry, tobacco, papermaking, machinery manufacturing and other industries. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Shenzhen municipal government. As a technology driven joint venture, the impact strength and zigzag strength have reached the maximum; The drying temperature of wood flour filled PVC in advance is 110 ℃. Yiwei pays more attention to the continuous transcendence of the application of core products and services, and strives to provide a perfect solution experience to many users. Yiwei will continue to improve its core competitiveness and develop into a leader in PLC automatic control industry

II. Equipment introduction:

the mold temperature machine is developed by assisting an OEM customer to cooperate with the operation of the injection molding machine. At first, OEM customers made a prototype using the traditional control mode of electrical equipment. According to the system requirements, controlling the water pump, water valve and some alarm displays requires a series of corresponding switches and indicators, as well as a large number of various relays, and the wiring is also very troublesome. The debugging and trial results of the prototype are not ideal, so it is decided to use PLC to realize the operation control of the equipment. Obviously, in the case of meeting the unfair system control requirements for power battery enterprises, the customer preferred the cheap Siemens 224cpu plus the 4tc module and 16Do module of unimat to realize the control

control requirements:

1 Control the discharge of hot water or cold water according to the feedback of circuit temperature or the set time

2. The control process is divided into manual control and automatic control. The two control methods cannot be carried out at the same time, and all actions must be completed when the water pump is started

3. Monitor and control the operation of the equipment through the touch screen, with alarm display

4. It is required to be able to save several groups of set time and temperature parameters, and read them for direct use

address allocation table:

control flow chart:

main interface of touch screen:

III. summary:

we have audited 80% of products. Using Siemens PLC as the core part of the equipment is not only simple programming and control, simple wiring, but also convenient maintenance. Using unimat expansion module on the basis of Siemens CPU not only ensures the stability of control, but also saves costs

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