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Application of twidoplc in compact spinning frame

1 Overview

compact spinning frame due to the addition of a compact spinning process, compared with the previous traditional sand spinning machine, the quality of the spun yarn is higher, so it has been recognized by the market. This system adopts a complete set of Schneider solutions to realize the automatic start-up of the spinning process, the automatic lifting of the program board, midway doffing, automatic doffing, fixed length doffing, limit doffing, automatic tracking and start-up after midway parking, and can set and display the spinning process parameters, spindle speed curve control, shift output accumulation, in addition, it can detect and alarm the faults of all sensors, in the yarn forming part, The electronic cam, electronic gear and other functions of Schneider Twinline servo are adopted, which achieves excellent molding effect, greatly reduces the labor intensity of users, and improves the output and quality of the whole machine

2. System description

this system adopts Schneider's complete solution, which is mainly composed of programmable controller part, transmission part, spindle speed curve control part, servo cam forming part, touch screen parameter setting display part and fault alarm part

(1) programmable controller part

Schneider Twido PLC is selected as the programmable controller, and the model is twdlcaa40drf. This module has powerful functions, including 24di/16do, including two transistor outputs, 14 relay outputs, and 7 expansion modules can be expanded. With the expansion module, the discrete IO can be expanded to 264 points; With double word and floating-point operations, it also has complex data processing functions such as trigonometric functions and data sorting; Integrated 2-way 20kHz and 4-way 5KHz high-speed counters, which can detect speed and length; By expanding canope, its cost is high; 2) PLA has poor impact resistance, flexibility and heat resistance; 3) After the PLA variety single 1n main module, CANopen high-speed communication can be carried out; Another model twdlcae40drf integrates RJ45 Ethernet interface, which enables the system to access Ethernet for programming, debugging, remote maintenance and other functions

Twido PLC twdlcaa40drf is in the core control position in this system. It is mainly used for spindle speed curve control, shift output accumulation, yarn filling degree, drafting multiple and spinning number calculation, sensor signal collection, fault detection and alarm of all sensors, communication with servo and touch screen, monitoring MODBUS network and other functions

(2) the transmission part

uses Schneider inverter ATV58 to set the spindle speed. Speed is given through analog quantity

(3) spindle speed curve control

in this system, ten segment speed control is adopted to ensure high yarn quality. The following is the ten segment speed curve chart

(4) servo cam forming part

this system adopts Schneider Twinline servo, and uses the electronic cam function to realize yarn forming. The forming effect is ideal. In this system, the process parameters for weight reduction of packaging are set on the touch screen, and then the parameters are transmitted to the servo by Twido PLC through Modbus communication, and the servo automatically selects the curve. In addition, Twido PLC will monitor the Modbus network in real time. Once the communication is interrupted, it will give an alarm and stop the machine

the following is the trajectory of the platform board

(5) touch screen

the touch screen adopts Schneider xbtg2110, which is mainly used for parameter setting and display, fault alarm and other functions

3 Conclusion

in a word, this system plays a very important role in reducing the purchase cost. The system has the following advantages:

(1) controlling the servo controller through MODBUS serial communication, effectively reducing the cost

(2) Twido PLC supports Modbus tcp/ip and c-anopen communication, leaving an interface for future system updates

(3) perfect fault detection function to ensure reliable operation of the equipment

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