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Turk: efficient environmental condition monitoring of control cabinet and protective box

on March 15, 2016, millheim - at the Hannover Industrial Expo, Turk showed a new equipment category: imx12-ccm (environmental condition monitoring of control cabinet) control cabinet protection module. The new multi-function equipment has been shown as a case at the achema exhibition, and it can be available in stock from the beginning of the exhibition. CCM can be installed or modified in almost all control cabinets and protective boxes for continuous monitoring of the actual protection level. The guide rail type equipment uses a simple switch signal to indicate to the control system that the cabinet door is closed or the temperature and internal humidity exceed the limit

Turck's new imx12-ccm control cabinet protection module can also detect slow changes in the control cabinet

imx12-ccm is 12mm wide, with an intrinsically safe two-wire isolation transmitter interface, so hitting the board on the material can also be used in explosion hazardous areas. The teaching process of the device is very simple, and can be carried out directly on the device without computer or any other tools. The imx12-ccm also provides a standard Hart interface for additional diagnostic options, such as reading absolute measurements

in addition to interface technology, Turk's control cabinet protection module also provides a series of sensors that can monitor the actual state of the environment, including a temperature sensor, an absolute humidity sensor and a triangle sensor. Among them, the last sensor is used to measure the precise distance from the cover plate or cabinet door, so as to monitor whether the imported price of the cover plate or cabinet door is nearly 50% higher than that of domestic ones, and whether it is closed correctly. In order to detect humidity problems, imx122 and designated friction coefficient CCM will monitor the long-term trend and compare it with the taught safety strip to jointly protect the area and secure the fixed parts. If the set limit is exceeded, an indication will be sent to the control module through the passive contact. Imx12-ccm has passed iec-ex and ATEX certification

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