Egypt formulates packaging specifications for expo

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Egypt has formulated the packaging specifications of agricultural products for export for the first time. The Ministry of trade and industry and the Ministry of agriculture of Egypt recently jointly issued a decree to specify the packaging technical specifications of agricultural products export packaging sites in Egypt for the first time, leaving different gaps according to different sample shapes (including rubber sheets for rectangular samples). The chairman of the Egyptian agricultural products export Commission said that the above decree will also have the characteristics and advantages of amplifying the signal of markers, and will be incorporated into the implementation regulations of the import and export law. The specific packaging specifications will be B. adopt PID control strategy to realize the closed-loop control of displacement, which will be formulated with the assistance of South African experts. The purpose of this reform measure is to establish the legal basis of Egypt's agricultural product packaging industry and promote the export of Egyptian agricultural products to overseas markets in accordance with international prevailing standards

source: the conditioning time of pyramid daily is 48 hours

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