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Egypt issued a unified Telecom license, and operators provide fixed/mobile services at the same time.

the Egyptian government recently approved the issuance of a unified Telecom license, clearing the obstacles for Egyptian operators to provide fixed and mobile network services at the same time for the first time, which was two months later than the scheduled time

according to this measure, Egypt's leading operator Telecom Egypt will provide mobile network services for the first time, while Egypt's Vodafone (vodafo paid US $72million to acquire Kraton high performance polymer Co., Ltd. ne Egypt), Egypt's largest mobile company mobinil and Egypt's Etisalat Egypt will begin to provide fixed network access services

according to Reuters, as users are turning to mobile networks and page based communications, Egypt Telecom has pushed for a unified license to prevent the business decline caused by the declining utilization of fixed broadband. In May, Egypt Telecom agreed to pay 2.5 billion Egyptian pounds (about US $350million) to purchase mobile service licenses. The contract stipulates that operators will not accept new mobile frequencies, including frequencies covering 4G (t such as L-line, which has passed the on-site production test e) networks until sintering is produced. Although the unified license allows Egyptian mobile operators to enter the fixed market, the decline in demand for fixed network services means that this opening measure has little incentive for wireless operators

as of the end of June 2014, Egypt Telecom's revenue in the first half of the year gradually increased, but its net profit fell from 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds (about 1.454 billion yuan) in 2013 to 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds. However, there were signs of improvement in the second quarter, and the net profit increased year-on-year from 895million Egyptian pounds in the second quarter of 2013 to 1billion Egyptian pounds

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