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Effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health nbsp

"we live in a society that is highly dependent on science and technology, but colleagues from all walks of life are welcome to call the Sales Department of crowdsource to discuss in detail! In this society, few people really understand science and technology."

Carl Sagan's famous saying well summarizes the situation of modern people facing the ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation. The sample is stretched according to the basis, but China has been in the forefront of graphene industrialization. So far, there is almost no coherent design research on the heat dissipation characteristics of textiles. The latest definition of health, the impact of electromagnetic radiation on human health has been qualitative, but it has not been quantitative yet.

as early as 1975, experts predicted that with the development of urban economy and population growth, electronics, communications, computers A large number of cars and electrical equipment enter the home, and the artificial electromagnetic energy in urban space will increase by 7% - 14% every year

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