Effects of the use of the hottest plastic products

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The impact of the use of plastic products on human health

in hot summer, continuous high temperature requires timely hydration. Most private car owners are used to storing bottled water in their cars, and many car trunks store whole boxes of mineral water in the trunk. Experts remind: if the sun shines directly for more than two hours, the temperature in the car will exceed 40 ℃. If the bottled water placed in the car is hot, it is not recommended to drink it, because the plasticizer on the bottle will dissolve into the water in large quantities when heated

on August 13, with a series of activities in the food safety lecture hall of the large-scale scientific instruments and equipment sharing service center of Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau, we came to Shenyang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Dr. Jiang Shi, a senior engineer, used large-scale professional equipment to carry out professional testing on our daily used beverage bottles

soft plastics are rich in plasticizers

plasticizers, so this also greatly reduces the cost expenditure. It is an additive to plastics. Will plasticizers such as those very soft mineral water plastic bottles exceed the standard? According to Dr. Jiang Shi, the laboratory adopts the method of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with high qualitative and quantitative accuracy and sensitivity. 3. The upper plane of the foundation should be flat, which can ensure the test results. The fixture of the tensile testing machine has a variety of different specifications and the accuracy of the clamping surface. Among the samples tested, DBP, DEHP and DiBP have the highest detection frequency In this regard, the relationship between the migration amount of DBP in packaging materials to mineral water in two months at 440 ℃ within 80 days was investigated

the experiment concluded that with the extension of the soaking time and the increase of the soaking temperature, the migration amount of DBP increased sharply, and tended to balance after reaching a certain temperature and time. If the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the release of plasticizer will increase significantly. Once bottled water is stored in high temperature for more than two hours, it is not recommended to drink it. Dr. Jiang Shi said

experts: plastic should be used with caution in high temperature environment

experts said that the following three aspects should be paid attention to in the use of plastic products: first, when choosing food containers, we should avoid using plastic materials and replace them with high-quality stainless steel, glass, ceramics, etc

secondly, try to avoid long-term contact or soaking between food and plastic containers to reduce the chance of plasticizer dissolution

finally, PE and PVDC materials that do not add plasticizers at all should be selected for preserving the fresh-keeping film often used in food, and high temperature heating should be avoided. When it is necessary to heat the ingredients with plastic wrap, you can poke several small holes in the plastic wrap so that the gas can be released. When wrapping, you should also avoid direct contact with the food

we don't need to talk about plasticizer color change. Dr. Jiang Shi said that if it was not maliciously added, a small amount of plasticizer would not be very harmful to human body. Studies have shown that after drinking Baijiu for 40 years, the harm of plasticizer is lower than that of alcohol

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