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Efficiency and quality in turn milling compound machining

Abstract: This paper puts forward the concept of efficient machining by discussing the current popular machining methods; As one of the means of efficient machining, turning milling compound machining puts forward some suggestions on the application of this kind of equipment through some examples, and discusses the application of cutting tools and CAM software in this field

key words: efficient machining, turning and milling combined machining

under the wave of market economy, all enterprises are pursuing benefits, so people pay more attention to machining efficiency. At present, the popular high-speed machining is generally considered as one of the effective means to improve machining efficiency; In many exhibitions, people can see a variety of high-speed processing equipment, which can be described as infinite scenery; The most intuitive feeling brought by high-speed machining is the improvement of spindle speed and cutting speed, and the machining time is significantly shortened; However, from the perspective of enterprise profit, high-speed processing is not suitable for all enterprises; Because under the boundless scenery, there needs to be a huge expenditure to support. The investment of high-speed processing equipment is not only the equipment itself, but also includes the maintenance and use costs of machine tools, which are far higher than ordinary equipment. The most obvious is the high cost of conventional consumables such as cutting tools and cooling media at present; In addition, the maintenance cost and accidental loss of the machine tool will bring astonishing "surprises" to its owners. For these reasons, many high-speed processing equipment are eventually used as conventional equipment, losing its due value and function. In fact, high-speed machining is only applicable to a few enterprises with high added value and advanced technology

in fact, high-speed machining is only one of the means to improve machining efficiency; At the end of the last century, some technological breakthroughs have been made in the durability of linear motors, motorized spindles and cutting tools necessary for high-speed machining equipment, which has enabled the rapid development of high-speed machining to this day. In fact, we still have a way to go, that is, to improve the material removal rate by increasing the power of machine tools or increasing the load of cutting tools, which we call "strong cutting"; The power improvement of machine tool is not a big problem. The rigidity of machine tool structure and the durability of cutting tools are the biggest bottlenecks. However, under limited conditions, we can give full play to the performance of the machine tool and effectively improve the efficiency of processing through the optimization of machine tool structure design, reasonable tool selection and process plan. It is the most economical and effective method at present

compound processing is another direction of the development of processing methods. The most common ones are turning milling compound processing and boring milling processing. In theory, it can save a lot of process preparation time and simplify the process flow. It is an effective means to improve product quality and production efficiency. However, the price of such equipment is relatively high

the above processing methods are all for improving the processing efficiency, which is still in the period of strategic opportunity. In fact, improving the processing efficiency is not only reflected in the application of equipment, but also in the application of tools, measuring tools, tooling and fixtures. We can also find ways to improve the efficiency. In the processing field where these methods can be applied, we collectively call them "efficient processing"

next, we will take the application of turning milling compound equipment as an example to discuss how to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment. Whether the efficiency of equipment can be brought into full play is the decisive factor for enterprises to make profits. From the perspective of quality and quantity, on the one hand, due to the effective NC program control, the consistency of products is guaranteed, the influence of human factors is minimized, and the accuracy of products can be evenly distributed within the tolerance zone; On the other hand, the process flow is reduced, and the error of repeated clamping is avoided, so the quality of products is improved. In the processing of large quantities of products, the advantages of such equipment lie in production efficiency and stable product quality; In the processing of small batch products, it is reflected in the flexibility of equipment and ultra-high product quality. In the application of such equipment, the focus is on product quality and processing efficiency. We will give you some intuitive feelings through some examples of turning milling compound machining

this is a typical joint part. Both internal and external shapes need to be processed, and the batch is very large. If this part is processed on the turning milling composite equipment, it is the best choice in terms of efficiency and quality. Choosing a reasonable processing scheme and cutting tools, coupled with a set of automatic feeding mechanism, the processing time of a single piece can even be calculated in seconds, and its production efficiency is simply unimaginable in the conventional process arrangement

this is a kind of equipment with a higher degree of complexity. The structural setting of double tool holders greatly improves the processing efficiency. So how to effectively use the two tool holders to make them cooperate with each other and shorten the processing time is one of the main topics in the practical application of this kind of equipment. In addition, the linkage between the upper turret and the c axis can also complete the five coordinate linkage processing, which can be effectively solved in the cam software. For millions of equipment investment, CAM software, a necessary tool, is often ignored

the double spindle equipment can realize the automatic turning over processing of parts. The coaxiality of both sides can be reduced by the encoder count, which is guaranteed by the accuracy of the machine tool, which not only reduces the preparation time of repeated card loading, but also ensures the accuracy of parts. Especially for parts produced in batch, the consistency of parts can be well guaranteed, and the processing error can be easily controlled within the specified range

through the above three examples, we can see that turning and milling composite equipment can effectively improve product quality and processing efficiency. However, it is useless to have only efficient equipment and no effective tools and means to drive it. There are two feelings here: first, reasonable tool selection and effective tool management system are the basic guarantee for efficient machining; second, the support of cam platform is an essential condition for efficient machining. Whether in high-speed machining, power cutting or compound machining, cutting tools are always an important topic for us. The correct selection and use of tools is the premise of all work. When other factors cannot be broken through due to restrictions, making an article on tools can receive unexpected results

for example, in the most common turning process, within the maximum number of revolutions allowed by the machine tool, if the surface quality is required to be guaranteed, there is no way to improve the processing efficiency by increasing the feed speed. However, there is a wiper type blade, whose tip angle is composed of multiple arcs, forming cutting edge and polishing edge respectively. Under the condition of ensuring the surface quality, the feed speed can be increased, so that the production efficiency can be doubled

when choosing a reasonable tool, we should also have a perfect tool management system. Tool management is an important link to ensure product quality. The degree of automation of turning and milling equipment is relatively high. If we can't ensure that the equipment uses the correct tool, or the tool parameters exceed the allowable error range, a batch of parts will be scrapped, resulting in amazing losses. Tool management, especially tool life management, is more important for equipment with a high degree of automation. Establishing a complete tool management and guarantee system can effectively ensure product quality

cam software is a tool and a catalyst; In the field of NC machining, the cost input of cam can be quickly recovered from the increased benefits. For example, because the tip angle of the wiper tool mentioned above is not a complete arc, the compensation of the tip radius cannot be realized through the radius compensation function in the control system, so the wiper tool can only be used in rough machining. If CAM software is used to realize this kind of tip compensation, the application range of the blade can be greatly improved. For the equipment with multi spindle and multi tool rest, the machining beat can be effectively set through CAM software, so as to give full play to the machining efficiency of double tool rest. In addition, the machining of multi coordinate linkage is inseparable from the support of CAM software

efficient machining is not only a processing method, but also a concept, which covers many fields such as equipment, cutting tools, process optimization, CAM application and so on; Single car roof polyurethane material is the most demanding of all automotive polyurethane materials. Considering the problem from a pure point of view will often have a moment of exhaustion, and even get the opposite result. Only from the actual situation, combined with the enterprise's own situation, to find the most effective solution. (end)

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