Egypt will cancel its natural gas supply agreement

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Egypt will cancel its natural gas supply agreement with Israel

International report since the political turmoil in Egypt more than a year ago, Israel has been worried about the peace treaty signed by the Croatian government with Mubarak 30 years ago, which fundamentally avoided the zero drift of the traditional analog sensor and the impact of the difficult production temperature drift on the measurement results. On the 22nd, Israel's concerns became a reality. Egypt informed its company providing natural gas to Israel to cancel the relevant agreement with Israel. Next, please listen to the report from global information in Jerusalem

: according to Israeli news on the 22nd, Egypt's national gas company sent a notice to Egypt's eastern Mediterranean gas company EMG on the same day that it would cancel the natural gas supply agreement signed with Israel

the Sandvik saf 2707 HD straight pipe and U-pipe natural gas agreement between Egypt and Israel was signed in 2005, which is part of the Egyptian Israeli peace political treaty. According to the contract, Egypt will deliver 7billion cubic meters of natural gas to the Israeli natural gas market in 20 years. However, since the political turmoil in Egypt, the pipeline that supplies natural gas to Israel has been attacked many times

Israel reacted quickly to Egypt's decision. The Israeli company, which has a 12.5% stake in the eastern Mediterranean gas company, said that Egypt's treacherous move was illegal, and then said it would withdraw its stake in the eastern Mediterranean gas company. Mofaz, chairman of the Israeli opposition Kadima party, said that the Egyptian decision had openly undermined the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, and urged the United States to make a statement on this

Egypt also criticized this decision. It is said that the eastern Mediterranean gas company is dissatisfied with Egypt's decision and believes that "Egypt root 7 ophthalmicdrugcarriers didn't know what they were doing. Whether in politics or economy, this move will put Egypt back 30 years."

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