Starting in the storm, Miss Zhang's main demolitio

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The trouble with decoration is that it is basically difficult to follow your plan. It also corresponds to that sentence — Plans will never catch up with changes. Miss Zhang deliberately chose a auspicious day to start work, but on that day, it was a typhoon and heavy rain. The demolition of old windows has attracted the community property and security. Look, decoration is always not easy

house information: 92 ㎡

decoration style: simple and modern

decoration method: half package

community: Guangzhou Huajing new city

decoration progress: main body demolition and renovation

construction time: 18 days

August 18, 2013 pick an auspicious day

designer Yan Gong asked whether to pick an auspicious day to start work? After checking online, we decided to start work on the 15th. So he told the designer to hit a few times with a hammer when he came to show his good luck. Liu Gong, the project manager, did bring a hammer when he came. It was not big enough to smash the cabinet. Liu Gong looked at the cabinet, and the door fell off as soon as he broke his hands. It was official to remove three cabinet doors

it was originally said that the dismantling would begin at 8:30 this morning. When we went to deliver the sheet issued by the management office at 11:00, we found no one in it. Today, the typhoon is raging and the rainstorm is pouring. I also think it's best for the workers not to come. If we catch a cold, we're also embarrassed

when I was walking downstairs just now, I went up and took a look. Master, it's really awesome! It took half a day to dismantle so much! It's different from what I thought. I thought I would dismantle the cabinet first and then the floor tiles. Neighbors who are disturbed by noise, sorry

on August 20, 2013, find a worry free company

Liu Gong said that if there is a problem, try to communicate with the project manager, and then the project manager and the workers. Personally, I agree. After all, professionals and laymen have different depths of understanding of the same thing. So in addition to water and electricity, we'll go and have a look at it at night and don't contact the workers to avoid putting pressure on them. I used to see a post saying that when shoveling the wall, some decoration companies didn't even shovel the wall paint, so I was worried about this. Yesterday, I saw that I shoveled the bricks directly! How serious! The ground is also directly shoveled to the original cement layer. If you find a good decoration company, it's really much easier. I hope I can continue to worry less





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