The new nostalgia style is popular and dazzling

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With natural wooden lattice windows, small chandeliers brought back from Nepal, hand-made lacquered blue wood floors, and fresh white walls, the taste here is full of praise from visionaries

I like the simplicity of blue and white, and I can't give up the classicism of time and space. Naturally, it's the Mediterranean. In the eyes of the visionary Cui Rui, the classical furniture painted blue and white is more delicious, just like a young woman with bright eyes and fragrant water. In the two-story space of more than 90 square meters, sunshine, sea, antique, antique, all meet you in this space... What are you waiting for? Cheers to love

the balcony outside the arch will not make you fall in love at first sight, but it may make you linger. Broken flower blue curtains, green small plants, and simple small stools will attract you to stand in the past...

the bold European fireplace, strong floor tiles, wooden stool women in childhood, and various sketches from all over...

classical and modern, simplicity and carving, here has only one purpose - relaxation

in this room girl who conceived for her sister Cui Yi, the visionary Cui Rui added more of my preferences. So I painted the old furniture that had been put away for decades white, and tried to wear out the blue stairs, all because I like fashion and don't want to lose classicism

printed sofa covers talk about antique carpets, several Nordic ornaments are placed on the white tea table, and the personalized ten legged floor looks at the German tapestry on the wall, making you relaxed

we have to admire her eyes. These old white wood furniture, which is less heavy and restored to its original color, are very harmonious in any corner of the room, making the room flow out of a kind of fashion through time and space





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