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In the final analysis, market competition is the competition of means to please consumers. Whoever benefits consumers more is the winner of the competition. It is a most appropriate expression to use this sentence to describe the Fuzhou home decoration market. Since the introduction of the four guarantees by Youjia decoration, the leader of home decoration in Fujian Province, in 2015, most enterprises in the industry have also actively followed up. The four guarantees are "one compensation for false materials, free additional items, deferred payment of rent, and environmental protection responsibility to the end". The decoration companies continue to increase the guarantees for customers, and the risks of consumers are getting smaller and smaller. In the highly competitive home decoration market in Fuzhou, the industry leader has its own brand advantage, Moreover, they are one step ahead in terms of consumer protection, and consumers naturally flock to large brand decoration companies. Consumers always put forward the practice of the industry leader for comparison. If a decoration company does not provide four guarantees, consumers will not be confident to entrust the decoration to him. Some slightly powerful decoration companies have to follow up the pace of the leader out of the need for survival, "Four guarantees" are thus regarded as an important standard for Fuzhou decoration owners to choose decoration companies. Competition will raise the threshold of the industry. At the beginning of this year, Fuzhou Youjia decoration launched another measure to raise the threshold of Fuzhou home decoration industry again. It is reported that Fuzhou Youjia decoration launched a promotional activity of "experience before payment" at the beginning of this year, taking a 100 ㎡ house as an example. The specific approach is that when consumers entrust Youjia decoration, as long as they pay 8000 yuan of design fee and 8000 yuan of management fee, they can not pay 40% of the initial decoration payment in advance. This initial project payment is about 80000 yuan. Youjia decoration will start construction after signing a contract with the owner, The owner will not pay the first batch of decoration project funds until the hydropower project is fully completed and passes the acceptance. This was originally a promotional activity at the beginning of the year. I didn't expect that the owners particularly liked this practice, and the promotional activities couldn't stop at all. As Mr. Liu said, having a home decoration allows me to experience first and then pay, which makes me feel at ease without risk. It also eases my capital turnover. When I first met a home decoration company, I couldn't wait to cooperate with them. Now the decoration is almost over, and the facts have proved that this is really a guarantee for me. The "experience before payment" of Youjia decoration is a major innovation in the home decoration industry across the country. As we all know, home decoration companies earn cash flow. As long as customers pay the decoration project money according to industry regulations, the decoration company can do a good job with the owner's money without any financial pressure. However, for the owners, paying the first batch of project funds before the decoration has started, they always have to bear certain risks. Some illegal decoration companies play the trick of evaporation after collecting the first batch of decoration project funds from a large number of owners. Therefore, many owners have no bottom for the method of paying first and then decoration, and dare not entrust the decoration company to decorate. Although some owners do not have such psychological concerns, However, the construction level of decoration companies is always psychological bottomless, so once a measure of decoration was launched, it was welcomed by owners in the market. After the launch of "experience before payment" in Fuzhou Youjia decoration, it immediately became the standard for Fuzhou decoration owners to measure the strength of decoration companies. The needs of consumers always force enterprises to improve. Some decoration companies with good capital turnover in Fuzhou have to abandon the fat meat of cash flow and follow up the advance pace of Youjia decoration. This is the practice of Fuzhou decoration company to raise the threshold of the industry again, and it is another new standard for Fuzhou decoration owners to choose decoration companies. I believe that soon all home decoration companies in Fuzhou will give up the fat meat to earn cash flow, so that owners can do home decoration well without risk




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