How to successfully create Korean style

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Warm and sweet Korean style is also loved by many owners. Korean style home furnishing has no definite statement or fixed concept. Now the Korean style home is actually closer to the "Japanese" style, which is actually a style formed by taking the advantages of hundreds of families. Korean style home pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space. Xiaobian will tell you how to successfully create Korean style

1. According to the number of residents and the degree of privacy, use screens or wooden partitions as the separation size. The space decoration often adopts simple and tough straight lines, which reflects the living requirements of modern people in pursuit of simple life, and caters to the introverted and simple design style of Korean home furnishings

2. Korean decoration likes to use stones and a large number of wood decorations, and the ground also prefers antique floor tiles. It also pursues various antique crafts, and likes the style of the living room with a sense of history. In the design of the bedroom, it is more warm. Generally, the ground adopts cork floor without ceiling lamp, and is decorated with warm and soft sets of cloth art. At the same time, it is very unified in soft decoration and color. The kitchen is generally open, and it needs a spacious location to accommodate the double door refrigerator and enough operating tables. There is also a lot of attention in decoration, such as liking antique wall tiles, kitchen door panels, liking to use solid wood door leaves or white molded door leaves to imitate wood grain color. 3. Korean decoration prefers elegant wallpaper with modern sense and flower pattern, which is very harmonious with white furniture with soft lines. Because Korean furniture is integrated in design, it is not suitable to use too complicated European retro wallpaper. Wallpaper should have a light background color, which is easy to integrate with the overall environment. In terms of color, the most important feature is that it is dominated by warm colors: light orange yellow, tender powder, grass green, sky blue, light purple... Light, water-quality colors can make the room exude an absolutely natural and relaxing atmosphere




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