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Shanghai Zhengwei has launched a new wireless monitoring scheme for mobile and Unicom base stations

with the rapid development of the communication industry, mobile, which is installed in remote mountainous areas, has put forward a series of solutions. The equipment of the communication base station: the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the antenna feeder, the battery, the bus bar of the base station, the outdoor transformer and the communication cable erected in the field are seriously stolen. In order to strengthen the market competitiveness and improve the labor productivity and network maintenance level, It is urgent to solve the security problem of communication equipment

in order to meet the market demand, Zhengwei has designed a gsm/we all have a clear conscience! With the joint efforts of all Jinan trial gold workers, the security solution of GPRS platform: upload the warning information of various decentralized communication points to the relevant operation and maintenance personnel of the center through the voice, MMS and SMS channels of gsm/gprs/, so that the warning information can be processed in time, improve the reliability of the communication network, make the management work more efficient and scientific, and bring convenience and convenience to the daily work of the management personnel, It also provides more effective technical defense equipment for public security organs and communication operators to combat crime

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