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Shanghai Yuxuan safety valve material innovation improves the market sales pattern

after decades of development, the valve industry in China ranks first in the world in terms of the number and output of valves, and there are nearly 10000 large and small valve enterprises all over the country. As a fluid transmission component, the valve industry has developed rapidly with the growth of the national economy in recent years. The valve industry is booming, but the material technology of China's valve industry is still a subject. In the future, China's valve market needs innovative material technology and development of multiple varieties and specifications to meet the needs of China and the world with a new factory area of more than 140000 square feet (13000 square meters)

Shanghai Yuxuan pump valve Co., Ltd. completed a series of technological innovation and Reform under this background. Yuxuan safety valve () currently has a complete safety valve industry chain, which is a value chain of safety valve R & D, safety valve casting, safety valve processing, artificial aging of samples and safety valve sales. The central link of this value chain is based on the processing of high-performance safety valves and their special products with high-tech materials as the core

Yuxuan safety valve was also unable to provide special safety valves required by nuclear power and aerospace industry in the past, and relied on imports for all important national engineering projects. The broken chain pattern has resulted in the three low conditions of low industrial relevance, low product added value and low local resource conversion rate of Yuxuan safety valve. With the industrialization of Yuxuan valve company's innovative safety valve technology 15 and the software technology of standard adding programmer provided to professional users, this pattern will be completely changed

Yuxuan safety valve insists on winning the market through product innovation, collects a large number of market feedback data, takes high-performance product materials as the innovation basis, reshapes the existing manufacturing process, production process, equipment configuration and other physical links, and realizes independent control of core technology, reduces capital and improves product added value. These measures will effectively support the upgrading and transformation of safety valve industry and the extension of Yuxuan brand. The person in charge of Yuxuan company is full of confidence, saying that these measures are the great potential of future innovation achievements

south to Guangdong, east to Shanghai, north to Beijing and Tianjin, West to Sichuan and Chongqing. Yuxuan company has conducted a three-dimensional research and Analysis on the market distribution and industrial operation mode of safety valves with materials - processing - Equipment - products - functions - demand as the main line and elements, and selected them according to the degree of automation. It has established extensive strategic cooperation with representative enterprises in large oil fields, refineries, chemicals, petrochemicals, papermaking, mining, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, and has solved many technical problems in engineering application experiments, which has also laid a foundation for Yuxuan company to mainly explore the market for high-end customer needs

Yuxuan company said that the safety valve represented by o6625 high-end materials will play an important role in the engineering technology field of major leading industries, and will be widely used in new energy development, national defense, sewage, water supply, environmental protection, urban construction and other fields. In the past practice, it has passed the long-term and strict test of all customers. In the application fields of boiler, pressure vessel, pipeline equipment, power station equipment, etc., Yuxuan safety valve has outstanding quality. All excellent quality comes from the recognition of the company's customers, which fully reflects the high quality and professional service level of Yuxuan's products. (by Zhang Hong)

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