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The company will not release formaldehyde and other indoor harmful volatile gases. The company will raise 200million yuan in an electric IPO and make every effort to develop the high-tech photovoltaic industry. The CSRC has approved and issued 200million yuan in a daily

electric IPO and made every effort to develop the high-tech photovoltaic industry. Both sides of the CSRC and the nuclear commission are making every effort to promote the development and issuance of their own aircraft structure work package. The daily

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original title: the company raised 200million yuan in an IPO to develop the high-tech photovoltaic industry, According to the information from the CSRC station, Shangneng Electric Co., Ltd. is actively preparing to log on to the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It will be disclosed and updated in December this year. The sponsor should be Founder Securities

at present, Shangneng Electric is a well deserved giant in the current photovoltaic enterprises. Shangneng Electric has a complete set of photovoltaic power generation products and 3kw~5mw photovoltaic power generation solutions. It has a full range of photovoltaic inverter products such as centralized, series distributed and so on. It has successfully participated in many major photovoltaic projects. The installation area involves a variety of special environments such as desert, coast, plateau, high temperature and cold. At present, the market share accounts for about 15%, Let's take a look at the use and power generation of some of the main partners of Shanghai energy

due to the impact of this IPO, sunneng Electric has made sufficient preparations. Its performance and profitability in recent years are among the best of the same listed enterprises in the industry. Let's take a look at the financial data. In 2013, the company's operating revenue was 543.54 million and its net profit was 54.35 million. In 2014, the company had an operating income of 74.154 million and a net profit of 79.41 million. In 2015, the company had an operating income of 84.354 million and a net profit of 86.35 million. The company shows a rising trend year by year in terms of performance and profit. In general, Neng electric meets the needs of financial growth of the stock exchange, and this IPO is also inevitable. Chairman Wu Qiang said that with the academician workstation as the carrier, Neng Electric will build an innovative R & D platform that is technology driven, market-oriented, industry university research and can identify the composition of materials

Shangneng Electric has strong technical strength. It has nearly 100 R & D personnel. Those with master's degree or above account for the main force of the R & D team. In may2017, it officially signed an academician workstation cooperation agreement with Academician zhouxiaoxin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shangneng Electric Industrial Park. Liujianna, director of Wuxi Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuqiang, chairman of Shanghai Energy Electric Co., Ltd., and lijianfei, vice president of Shanghai Energy Electric Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony together. This signing has further strengthened the R & D strength and market position of Shanghai Energy Electric Co., Ltd., and will give full play to the role of high-end talents and scientific research advantages of academicians and experts, improve the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements, and greatly enhance the core competitiveness of Shanghai Energy Electric Co., Ltd

in addition to continuously improving its own strength, Shangneng Electric has also continuously expanded its partners. In recent years, it has signed strategic partnership agreements with Huaneng, Huadian, Guodian and other large state-owned enterprises

it is worth noting that Shangneng Electric has a constant desire for talents. It has held a campus recruitment fair in Jiangsu University. As the first energy inverter system engineering center in Jiangsu Province, it is a high-tech enterprise with four product solution systems: photovoltaic inverter technology, energy storage technology, power quality control and new energy vehicle charging. Shangneng is a reserve of talents, It has provided a series of excellent posts for students of Jiangsu University. It can be seen from the recruitment posts that Shangneng Electric has a strong demand for highly educated and highly skilled talents

the company has made full preparations for this IPO. On the one hand, the financial director of Shanghai energy is very optimistic about the cash flow of Shanghai Energy in recent years. At present, the company is operating, but this method is very beneficial to the comparative experiment. The raised funds from this IPO will continue to promote the company's pace towards high and new technology. It is believed that Shanghai will provide clean and green energy for more users in the near future

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