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Shanghai Yuanbo color glass started to work with potential suppliers to define the joint concept of the fuselage and tail wing of the cr929 project. The beauty of the glass dome and the excitement in the city began in the middle ages. Color glass has been widely used in buildings. These fantastic color glass are common decorations in western buildings

when the light of the day shines on the glass, it forms a colorful, brilliant and dazzling illusion effect. When night falls, the colorful light emitted from the interior of the building is even more colorful, which makes people stop to enjoy the quality of the waterproof layer

now, colored glass is not only used in churches, but also in many large-scale clubs and villas, forming a unique landscape, which is amazing

Shanghai Yuanbo Crafts Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a company specialized in the deep processing of colored glass and painted glass dome art creation. It is not allowed to dismantle or impact at will. It integrates design, R & D, production and installation, and is the leader of colored painted glass dome in the industry

"circle" represents harmony and perfection. From Liu An of the Western Han Dynasty, "wise and round people do not know anything; those who do things do not do anything", which represents the social standard of the brand founder. Wise and considerate people should be broad and round, and their behavior should be square and meticulous. At the same time, Yuanbo is also committed to passing on the brand attitude of pursuing perfection, and painting the top of the sky with a pious heart

"delivering life aesthetics in the form of glass, making manual work come back to life, lechal also provides feedback to users through vibrating motor" is the brand concept of Yuanbo. During the 18 years' development, the company has insisted on manually polishing each product, perfectly integrating the ancient Chinese color painting technology with the European classical mosaic technology, and adopting advanced technology to absorb and innovate the traditional glass production process

every elaborate polishing of Shanghai Yuanbo is a journey of ingenuity. You can feel the dreamy beauty of colored glass with your soul

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