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Shanghai zhikaijie, an excellent supplier in the field of glass laser drilling/cutting solutions, is an excellent R & D, manufacturing and solution supplier of semiconductor laser application equipment in China. As its experimental controller is equipped with a computer and data collection system and connected to the host computer through a LAN, Shanghai zhikaijie Laser Technology Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle of customer-centered, talent and technology-based, Provide high-quality services for global industry users. Zhikaijie is a vigorous enterprise, established in 2004, with more than 10 years of rich industry experience, focusing on and meeting customer needs. The laser integrated automatic glass cutting/drilling machine independently developed by the company has high processing speed and high precision, which is the first in China and is highly praised by a wide range of touch screen manufacturers. The company's laser products are widely used in glass drilling and cutting, crystal carving, precision cutting of non-metallic materials, laser performance, laser marking, SD card cutting, FPC cutting and other fields, providing high-quality solutions for lasers, control systems and complete equipment for the material precision processing industry. It has formed a "one-stop" solution provider with high-quality and high-performance semiconductor laser products and solutions as the core, and has become the preferred partner for users in the industry

at the 2017 Shenzhen International full touch and display exhibition, a series of excellent products were brought:

laser drilling equipment

main features of laser drilling equipment:

1: the processing speed is five times that of traditional tools

2: non-contact processing, high yield

3: high drilling density, high precision

4: small size, compact and reliable structure

5: fully enclosed constant temperature design, high stability

6: integrated design, No need to adjust the optical path

7: good beam quality, m ≤ 1.2

8: good beam directivity

9: RS232 and network control interface

10: external trigger

laser drilling equipment can process 0 Mm thick glass, drillable diameter 0 Mm is widely used in medical treatment, optics, display screen, electronic communication, lighting and other industries

glass laser cutting equipment

characteristics of glass laser cutting equipment:

1. The whole machine has compact structure, small occupied space and is simple and easy to use. First in China, smaller and more flexible

2. Basic configuration: imported lasers from Europe and America, ultra-fine and ultra fast cold laser processing, combined with high-speed galvanometer scanning system or cutting system, the light spot can reach microns, the cutting seam width can reach 14 microns, the processing is accurate and exquisite, the speed is fast, the effect is good, there is almost no heat affected zone, and the yield is high

3. The intelligent CCD vision system realizes the functions of automatic fool proof recognition, precise positioning calibration, automatic detection, and ng automatic recognition, taking and placing

4. Control core of laser processing system, laser cutting simply supported beam: 7.5j, 15J and 25J systems are built on the windows platform. The control software adopts Scaps software, and the control card adopts high-speed USB2.0 control input. The performance is excellent and stable, the operation is simple, and the program can be upgraded at any time according to the customer's requirements

5. Fully automatic feeding and unloading system to achieve the full-automatic production goal of the production line of semiconductor microelectronics industry

to make the recycled plastic raw material particles full

6. Directly or import the cutting program, with the automatic counting function, set the cutting quantity and count the total number of products cut at will, with the setting value up to onebillion digits

cris series internal carving special lasers

cris series internal carving special lasers: special lasers for crystal or glass internal carving industry. Advanced galvanometer technology and 2KHz semiconductor pumped YAG frequency doubling laser are adopted, with fine and bright explosion points, faster carving speed, and more fine, vivid and realistic patterns; Key components are from Germany and the United States, with more reasonable design and good long-term stability; The self-developed software is configured, and the 3D portrait can be made with 3D camera; To meet the needs of personalized and batch rapid processing, one equipment can meet the production capacity of multiple store network sales and e-commerce network sales

the above are the main products brought by Shanghai zhikaijie Laser Technology Co., Ltd. for this exhibition

in the face of fierce market competition, Capgemini has been deeply engaged in the laser equipment industry, occupied a place in the market with its own advantages, and made certain achievements in technology and equipment. Products: complete product lines, pay attention to technology research and development, and effectively solve customers' multi-level needs for equipment; In terms of business strength: it attaches importance to talents. Since its inception, it has paid attention to the accumulation of technology and talents. Now it has become a product solution supplier that can provide customers with better solutions in different industries. It always adheres to serving customers and strives to improve its competitiveness

in order to further expand the market and serve customers well, the company has set up a large plant with a total floor area of 12000 ㎡. There are three plants with an area of 7000 (3) the high-temperature creep extensometer is generally composed of creep deformation guide devices installed on both sides of the sample and two displacement sensors assembled on it. The equipment configuration is improved to ensure product quality and shorten the delivery time with customers, Provide customers with better service

in the future, zhikaijie will continue to focus on customers, pay attention to the development of market segments, strengthen the development of environmental protection, new energy and other industry segments, continuously improve the product solutions and service capabilities of the enterprise, and promote the steady development and industrialization of the company. Shanghai zhikaijie - an excellent provider of glass laser drilling/cutting solutions

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