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Shangpu Consulting: the competitiveness of plastic optical fiber is insufficient

with the rapid development of optical communication industry, optical fiber, as the transmission medium of optical signal, plays the role of information highway. In recent years, with the rapid development of short-distance, large-capacity data communication system and lighting industry, the utilization rate of plastic optical fiber is getting higher and higher. Although the plastic optical fiber has excellent tensile strength, high durability and small space occupation, the overall view is that. The competitiveness of plastic fiber is not enough

Shangpu consulting industry analysts pointed out that the rising utilization rate of plastic optical fiber does not mean that it has occupied an absolute advantage. Although plastic optical fiber has the advantages that quartz optical fiber does not have in short-distance communication and optical fiber sensing, in terms of temperature stability, plastic optical fiber has poor high-temperature resistance, and its performance is not competitive. In addition, its price does not have a strong competitive advantage

in terms of loss, the loss of plastic optical fiber is large. The loss of quartz optical fiber is only 0.18db/km, while the loss of plastic optical fiber is 0.5db/km. The loss per kilometer of plastic optical fiber is too large. The plastic optical fiber has not yet entered the home, but is still in the pilot. There are few plastic optical fiber manufacturers in China, and there is still a large gap in transmission bandwidth between China and foreign countries. In terms of price, in that year, the price of quartz optical fiber abroad has dropped to about 40 yuan, while the domestic plastic optical fiber still guarantees a clean and clean 00 yuan at 600-7, which is not comparable

however, it is undeniable that it will play an important role in the data transmission of future home intelligence, office automation, industrial control networking, vehicle borne airborne communication and military communication. In order to vigorously develop the plastic fiber industry, China should establish a technical standard alliance that not only realizes the goal of automobile lightweight and optimizing fuel economy, but also reduces the standardization risk and cost, and coordinates the contradiction between technical standards and intellectual property rights. The cooperation between enterprises and the National Engineering Laboratory of optical fiber of the Soviet Union should also be strengthened. Through the National Engineering Laboratory, enterprises in the plastic optical fiber communication industry chain are united to jointly solve technical difficulties. In addition, we should work together to deal with international trade barriers. Domestic optical fiber enterprises should unite and cooperate, and actively protect their legitimate rights and interests under the organization of industry associations. Only in this way can the potential of plastic fiber be brought into full play

in the China optical fiber market survey report in, Shangpu consulting mentioned that although the utilization rate of plastic fiber has increased in recent years, it has not formed its own distinct competitive advantage compared with the traditional quartz fiber due to the constraints in terms of loss and price. How to reduce loss, improve bandwidth and heat resistance is the key to improve its competitive advantage

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