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Jinyatuo M2M solution helps the next generation mHealth

global digital security leader jinyatuo (Euronext Code: NL GTO) announced that its Cinterion (R) M2M technology is providing wireless cellular connection for the next generation of tablet dispensers. MEDM selects the required maximum load (i.e. range) of the experimental machine according to the maximum load of the experimental materials, and the advanced mHealth device with wireless function provided by jinyatuo makes it easy for patients to use, so as to track medication, send drug reminders, order drugs and improve prescription compliance. The new innovative dispenser improves the communication between patients and caregivers, thereby improving the overall health, independence and mood of patients

m improves the accuracy and stability of the measurement system. Edminder's intelligent tablet distributor is equipped with jinyatuo's advanced M2M module to monitor medication and send data from the tablet box to the central server through the wireless network. Doctors and caregivers can log into medminder's secure web interface to observe medication compliance and manage changes as necessary. Jinyatuo's 20 years of security experience and M2M technology ensure that only authorized individuals can access personal information. MH environmental protection is increasingly valued by all countries. The sustainable success of ealth industry depends on security data protection, and jinyatuo plays a key role here

the solution provides voice alarm to remind patients when they need to take medicine. If the planned dose is missed, the caregiver will also be reminded of our ability to provide real-time support for the caregiver's needs, suggestions, opinions and complaints, so as to improve the level of medical care. Patients can choose the preferred method of communication because connectivity allows the tablet dispenser to send reminders via text messages, e-mails, or. In addition, medminder medical dispenser embeds a medical reminder to conduct a two-way voice channel with the patient monitoring center in case of an emergency

kingyato M2M solution allows secure connectivity and provides automatic communication between tablet boxes, patients, doctors and medical reminder monitoring centers around the clock, depending on the degree of urgency, said ERAN shavelsky, CEO of medminder. The technology will also provide flexibility and cost efficiency for the device, including options to add new functions and expand functions in the future without redesigning the device

kinyato Cinterion phs8 module is the lightest M2M template on the market, which is very suitable for medminder compact solution, said Paul Kobos, kinyato North America M2M sales director. With the aging and the continuous growth of chronic care management, kingyato M2M technology truly affects the daily care of patients and protects data, and can be seamlessly integrated into the health care IT system

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo (Euronext Code: NL GTO) is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with an operating revenue of 2.4 billion euros in 2013 and more than 12000 employees worldwide. 85 offices and 25 research and software development centers have been established in 44 countries

Jinya Tuoding is located at the core of the rapidly innovating field of digital security. Billions of people around the world increasingly need and expect to communicate with others, travel, shop, handle banking affairs, entertainment and work in a safe and pleasant way. Jinyatuo is committed to meeting people's growing needs for personal mobile services, payment security, cloud authentication access services, identity and privacy protection, efficient e-health care and e-government, convenient ticketing, reliable machine to machine (M2M) applications, etc. We develop secure embedded software and design and personalize security products. Our platform and services manage these products and their confidential data, as well as trusted terminal services running on them

jinyatuo is determined to innovate and is committed to providing our customers with more innovative solutions, so as to bring people a more convenient and safe digital life. More and more people are interacting in the digital and wireless world through jinyatuo's software and security devices, and jinyatuo is also booming

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