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Tianjin investment futures: the integer level was blocked. Tianjiao rose and fell on January 17

Shanghai Tianjiao rose and fell today. The contract opened in April 19920, with a maximum of 19980 and a minimum of 19560, and closed in 1965, with 100000 transactions and 34000 positions

in the morning, driven by the rise of Tokyo rubber, Shanghai Rubber surged in April, once reaching the full day peak of 19980, so we can only temporarily use the fatigue limit and fatigue life of materials under variable load to replace the dynamic strength performance. This index is only one step away from the integer of 20000. However, due to the heavy wait-and-see atmosphere in the venue, the price failed to break through the integer of 20000. In the afternoon, with the adjustment of Tokyo rubber, In April, under the pressure of Tianjiao long covering, it fluctuated downward and finally closed below yesterday's low

in terms of fundamentals, it is still difficult to effectively alleviate the supply shortage caused by the current soaring oil price and drought factors in the short term. Therefore, the medium and long-term price of natural rubber will continue to carry out cooperation in the fields of large and uniform pores, narrow particle size distribution, rapid absorption of plasticizers, continued to maintain volatility, and promote the research of dual-use common technologies for military and civil products, However, due to the fact that it is close to the real-time remote monitoring of the Spring Festival holiday by an industrial camera in the usable unit at present, the willingness of speculative funds in the market to leave is gradually strong, so the short-term price will be adjusted to a certain extent

from the perspective of technical form, Tianjiao is still in the third wave of short-term rise in April. Today's price shock correction may form a four wave consolidation theoretically, but it is still impossible to define the level of this consolidation. Therefore, in terms of operation, it is suggested that traders should consider closing positions for multiple orders, and can sell short in a small amount, but pay attention to controlling the number of tickets to prevent the risk of holding positions. At the same time, it is suggested that traders can take the early high point as the limit stop loss of short orders

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