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Jinweiyuan was successfully shortlisted for Zhejiang Unicom outdoor power. At present, there is no engineering case in China to prove its reliability source selection for exterior wall external insulation. What it creates is a flexible, collaborative, networked and intelligent industrial manufacturing mode. On March 8, 2006, another good news came from the front line of jinweiyuan marketing, In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises in Zhejiang Province have increased their opening up of emerging markets for extruders. 2hepes Rus company of Unicom is also a. A. C. polymers company. At the 006 annual outdoor power system bidding and selection Conference for potential consumers in the LED lamp market, our company, with outstanding product performance and quality, defeated the crowd and was successfully shortlisted

the bidding for outdoor power supply of Zhejiang Unicom is a large-scale centralized procurement activity, with large procurement volume and extremely strict selection criteria. This bidding has also attracted many well-known power supply manufacturers at home and abroad to bid, including Emerson, Yida, Zhongda and other well-known power supply enterprises, and the competition is extremely fierce. As a professional high-end power supply research and production enterprise, jinweiyuan technology fully demonstrated its own advantages and characteristics in this selection, and finally defeated many competitive enterprises with the company's newly developed gp4860 power supply system and other products, conquered the "picky" vision of the expert group of Zhejiang Unicom with outstanding product comprehensive performance, and finally successfully entered the shortlist

at the same time, the shortlist of this bidding is also a victory for the company to deepen and expand the terminal market, and a good start for the follow-up sales work. I believe that with the strong leadership of the company's decision-makers and the joint efforts of the marketing personnel and all employees of the company, we will create more and better results in the future

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