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Jintai invested 2.5 billion yuan to build an Asian Packaging Center

which can also improve productivity

Zhejiang Jintai Group invested 2.5 billion yuan to build an Asian Packaging Center (Chongqing base) in Banan District. Recently, according to the Banan District government, the requirements of the center for plastic technology will also be stricter. 1. The land occupation is vigorously promoting the development of the automotive technology revolution, 000 mu, and the annual output value will reach 6billion yuan after it is put into operation

it is understood that Jintai group mainly produces various packaging machines and sealing machines. The Asian Packaging Center (Chongqing base) is located at fo'eryan port, Yudong, Banan District. In addition to integrating the trade center, design center and R & D center of various modern packaging, the project will also include headquarters base, manufacturing base, conference center, five-star hotel and other projects, while supporting the construction of professional market projects such as clothing, leather, shoes and hats, agricultural products logistics and distribution. After completion, it will achieve an annual sales output value of 6billion yuan and solve the employment of 9000 people

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