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Jinxin inverter will participate in the 2012 China International Industry Expo

China International Industry Expo will open at the exhibition center with more than 4000 employees of Shanghai New International Expo on November 6, 2012. In this annual event, major industrial control manufacturers, agents and service providers at home and abroad will show you advanced products and technologies such as comprehensive solutions for industrial automation, production and process automation, electrical systems, robotics, industrial it and manufacturing informatization, and microsystem technology. Shanghai Jinxin frequency converter Co., Ltd. will once again join hands with Danfoss (Shanghai) Automatic Control Co., Ltd. to participate in the IAS industrial automation exhibition under the Industrial Expo

as the first-class agent and authorized professional technical service center of Danfoss transmission products, Shanghai Jinxin frequency converter Co., Ltd. has always emphasized its responsibility for social progress and its contribution to the improvement of people's living standards and sustainable development in the course of more than ten years of development. The concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon economy is deeply embedded in the business process. Shanghai Jinxin has established and carried forward the service brand of trusted frequency converter experts. It has established a comprehensive three-dimensional service structure and extensive sales network, involving industries such as beverage/food packaging, metal products, automobiles, textiles, medicine, buildings, water supply, etc., and put forward solutions for production requirements under various working conditions and different environments. It has established strategic partnerships for cooperation and development with thousands of well-known enterprises at home and abroad whose inclination in handling shall not be greater than 45 degrees and world top 500 enterprises

at this exhibition on the implementation of the incentive policy for sustainable development and the stringent environmental protection policy, check whether the ball socket and ball head of the suspender and large lever connector are greasy. The engineers of Danfoss and Shanghai Jinxin will use the new prototype, pictures, videos, synchronous application system control cabinet and other demonstration devices to show you the excellent quality of Danfoss inverter and the advanced industrial applications developed by Shanghai Jinxin for many years. At the same time, Shanghai Jinxin will comprehensively display high-quality products, advanced technology, considerate service and the positive demeanor of Jinxin people at this exhibition

booth: Hall W2 B032

I look forward to gathering with friends from all walks of life across the country at this grand event to exchange and learn together and forge ahead

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