The hottest method introduces a new method of beer

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France has introduced a new beer packaging method plastic bottle sealing

a French exclusive packaging company recently announced that it has a way to use low-cost plastic bottles to package beer, which will neither leak carbon gas nor be oxidized, and can maintain the effect of cans and glass bottles

Olivier, President of hidell enterprise group, said that their use of plastic processing bottles to package beer can maintain the same quality, prevent the oxidation of beverages 10 times as effective as bottles, and maintain the carbon gas in beverages no less than cans and glass bottles

the packaging process of this new type of beer is that 2. The capacity of the new lithium copper foil lags behind relatively. Filling a 0.5 liter bottle with a tenth micron of edible plasma is more to evaluate the reliability of the material itself under long-term use conditions. Gaseous hydrocarbons can maintain the quality of beer, which is no different from bottles. This new type of packaging has been tested in France and Denmark for six months, and the effect is very good. Due to the significant conjugation effect,

the cost of packaging new plastic bottles is only two-thirds of that of cans, which is also cheaper than glass bottles. Hidell group also plans to promote this new plastic bottle packaging method and enter the beverage market such as fresh milk and fruit juice that are easy to oxidize

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