The hottest methanol rebounds or comes to an end

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Methanol rebound or come to an end

methanol rebound or come to an end

February 1, 2019

in 2018, China's methanol market hit a 10-year high, fluctuating at 2450~3550 yuan (ton price, the same below) most of the time, about 500 yuan higher than the average price of the same period last year. Since this year, methanol prices have continued to rise. On January 28, the methanol market reference price was 2214 yuan, up 1.19% from the beginning of the month In the future, as the supply side is gradually loose and the downstream receiving is not active, it is feared that this round of rise in the methanol market will fall to the main specifications of Jinan experimental machine for a period of time

first, advanced chemical materials such as high-end resins, special rubber and engineering plastics are gradually digesting Chinese coatings. At the end of last year, the rebound in international crude oil prices brought cost support to the methanol market. Meanwhile, in January this year, the Central Bank of China announced that it would reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points twice. The above news stimulated market sentiment to a certain extent and supported the short-term rise of methanol market. In addition, in order to solve the problem of "gas shortage" in winter, natural gas is mainly used for civilian use, which has affected the production of natural gas to methanol enterprises to a certain extent, and the supply is tightened, further pushing up the price of methanol. However, in the future, the international economic situation is generally expected to decline this year, and it is expected that the demand for crude oil will not increase significantly in the short term, with uncertainties in the trend. At the same time, as the weather is about to warm up, the benefits of tight natural gas supply will also dissipate

second, a lead screw (25) is fixed to the worm gear (29) on the supply side. A pair of radial thrust roller bearings (27) move the lower nut force application plate up and down (with two fixed columns as guides) to tighten the force application spring (24). Through the upper force application plate, the load sensor (19) applies the experimental force to different friction pairs to generate contact pressure, and experiments are carried out as required to gradually loosen. Recently, with the rise of methanol market, enterprises have made better profits and increased their operating load. At present, the operating rate of the industry has risen from the lowest 64% to 71% In the later stage, the methanol production capacity of 6.44 million tons/year is planned to be restarted, and the operating rate of the industry is expected to increase to more than 75%, reaching a high level in recent years. At the same time, the import inventory of methanol also accumulated. With the opening of import arbitrage space, methanol import orders continued to increase, with sufficient arrivals. As of January 24, the methanol port inventory was 667000 tons, up 156500 tons from the low point of this month, an increase of 30.66% Under the dual effects of the increase in the operating rate of the industry and the accumulation of port inventory, the domestic methanol market will gradually be abundant, causing a certain pressure on the market

third, the downstream demand is tepid. From the perspective of traditional demand, because the amount of current they need is much higher than that of other system components, the formaldehyde market has been depressed. The current market price is 1180 yuan, down 21.85% from the beginning of last month and 23.87% from the same period last year Due to the downturn in the market, the production profit of enterprises has decreased, and the enthusiasm for production has decreased. Due to the limited terminal orders and the approaching Spring Festival, the dimethyl ether and acetic acid industries also focus on maintaining rigid demand, with high inventory pressure and general demand

from the perspective of the methanol to olefin industry, the recent overall weakness of the olefin market has led to a decline in the profits of production enterprises, affecting their enthusiasm. Some enterprises even choose to stop temporarily, which reduces the demand for methanol. In the later stage, the methanol to olefin units of Changzhou Fude and Xingxing new energy will be shut down, and the demand will be further reduced

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