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Methanol rose by more than 10% on a monthly basis. Environmental protection engine helps the industry shine new opportunities

since the beginning of July, methanol has come out of a wave of continuous rebound, ending the continuous decline trend for more than three months with a monthly increase of nearly 13%. On Monday, the mainstream quotation in North China was 2450 yuan/ton, the futures price rebounded by 10% from the end of June, and the price of its downstream mainstream product dimethyl ether also rose by 8% a month. Several institutional people told Shanghai Securities News that methanol firmly entered the logic of rising channel. In addition to the rise of its downstream products dimethyl ether and formaldehyde, the industry also ushered in a rare new opportunity for environmental protection. Under the framework of the 4.5 trillion energy conservation and environmental protection plan issued by the state, the characteristics of methanol clean energy will be fully exploited

methanol fuel profits continue to improve

recently, the State Council issued a 4.5 trillion energy conservation and environmental protection plan, in which air pollution is clearly included as an important item. Insiders pointed out that methanol as a fuel to replace gasoline and diesel, or as an additive to burn with gasoline and diesel, can improve the emission of harmful exhaust gases from vehicles (market zone) and control PM2.5, which has prominent economic benefits

methanol, with the current price advantage of about 2500 yuan per ton, as an alternative to automotive fuel, can be promoted by quickly making the error of 1% everywhere. In June this year, Shaanxi launched a methanol vehicle pilot; Last year, Shanxi and Shanghai took the lead

Shi Lei, deputy director of Shanxi new energy vehicle leading group office, provided a set of data: now 1.6 tons of methanol can replace 1 ton of gasoline, 1.6 tons of methanol is only more than 4000 yuan, while gasoline is more than 9000 yuan per ton

new energy analysts told this newspaper that under the market cake of 4.5 trillion yuan in energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy conservation and environmental protection advantages of methanol fuel will be fully explored in the future. According to the two same principles (the same vehicle uses gasoline and methanol fuel in the same testing station), the emission of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons from methanol fuel is 30% to 50% less than that from gasoline

according to the information of this newspaper, the overall profitability of methanol fuel continues to improve. First of all, its upstream raw material coal has continued to decline this year as a whole. As the upstream raw material of methanol, the price of coal is depressed, making it easy for it to gain a cost advantage. In addition, at present, the methanol market is gradually changing from a buyer's market to a seller's market. After the price is introduced, the reserved supply is sold out within half a day, and there is not much room for negotiation in the manufacturer's quotation

full recovery of downstream prices

cuizhiming, methanol analyst, pointed out to the Shanghai stock exchange that the full recovery of the prices of dimethyl ether and formaldehyde, the main downstream products of methanol, is also one of the supports for the strength of upstream methanol. The report is stored in word format or excel format; In addition, the major factors that make the original data open. According to its calculation, dimethyl ether has increased by about 8% in the past month, and formaldehyde has also increased by about 4%. Dimethyl ether and formaldehyde usher in the peak demand season, and the operating rate of manufacturers is less than 30%. Therefore, under the premise of limited production capacity, they will continue to strengthen in the future

due to the rising downstream prices, the upstream methanol supply continues to be tight. Cui Zhiming pointed out that in mid July, some methanol production enterprises in Northwest China began to stop production for maintenance, involving a capacity of 4million tons, accounting for about 7% of the overall supply. The overall inventory of mainland enterprises was low. In addition, the methanol inventory in Jiangsu ports in East China has halved from the peak of 500000 tons at the beginning of the quarter to about 250000 tons at present, and the inventory level has fallen to the lowest level since 2010

in addition, the recent external market prices have continued to be strong, supporting the strength of the internal market. Pan Na, a methanol analyst, pointed out that the price of methanol in the international market is strong, which is much higher than the quotation of Chinese port. Traders will export the bonded methanol in Chinese port to other countries to obtain more profits. As of August 7, CFR China port and others have put forward higher requirements. The closing price of methanol is USD/ton, and the FOB US Gulf methanol quotation is 462 54 dollars/ton, which is 85.87 dollars/ton higher than the quotation in China. The difference between internal and external prices has led to a sharp scissors gap in the growth of import and export. According to the data of the experimental society, which can measure the surface bonding strength, static bending strength and elastic modulus, screw grip force, internal bonding strength and so on, the export volume of methanol in June was 56.48 kilotons, an increase of 60.7% year-on-year; Methanol import volume in June was 543.01 thousand tons, down 78% year on year

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