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Method is more important than policy

method is more important than policy

April 13, 2006

my real sales career began in Shanghai. In May of that year, I was assigned by Guangdong company to the Shanghai office, fully responsible for the development and maintenance of the Shanghai market. Through my efforts, I have successfully completed the tasks assigned by the company, which are mainly reflected in:

1 Distribution network construction. In Shanghai haozuijia building materials market, Pudong Hengda and Chuansha Baihui building materials market developed 10 new secondary distributors, including 6 high-quality distributors, which filled the "blind spot" market in the network and completed the overall layout of the brand in Shanghai

2. Both sales volume and payment collection indicators exceed the 130% growth target set by the company at the beginning of the year. Sales reached 3.5 million, an increase of 145% over the previous year, and the payment received reached 3.4 million, an increase of 140% over the previous year. Although the growth rate was small, it stopped the downward trend of business for two consecutive years

3. The brand image of the company has been comprehensively improved and the confidence of distributors has been revived. At the same time, the company also gave high praise and recognition to my work. I was rated as "four excellent city managers", and my salary has been significantly increased. Since I have never really been in business before being sent to Shanghai by the company, in addition to working actively and diligently, I also seriously think, summarize and analyze in my business work in Shanghai. In those passionate days, I kept a diary of my daily work so that I could calmly analyze and learn lessons. The following excerpts from my two diaries share with you the unquestionable progress of the development trend of high nickel cathode materials

July 8 sunny pudong

today's work is mainly to develop Pudong New Area. I don't know where there is another building materials market, so I have to start from Pudong Hudong building materials market, because a friend of a friend works as a dealer in this market, and I'll visit by the way to see what business opportunities there are

the Hudong building materials market is too small. It may only cover an area of 1200 square meters. After looking for it for a long time, I asked three people and arrived near noon. I can't help but think of a sentence previously said by a business elder of the company: "when you run business in Shanghai, you spend at least two-thirds of the day in the car." It makes sense

this dealer is a distant relative of my friend. He has been operating in this market for three years, and his business was OK in the first two years. In the past year, a Ronghui building materials market has been built two kilometers nearby, and what is more serious is that a Baianju building materials supermarket (the first in Europe and the top three professional building materials supermarket in the world) has been opened in a place about five miles away. Both in terms of scale and shopping environment, Hudong building materials market can not compete with the two, so that it is declining day by day. He advised me not to develop "Tianniao" customers in this building materials market, which has little development potential. He recommended me to go to Chuansha town in Pudong to find a distributor surnamed Li, which is about 20 miles away from here. It has little impact here. A new building materials market has just been built, which is also invested by the boss of Hudong building materials market, and its name is Baihui building materials market. His friend surnamed Li has a large store, just opened, and is looking for a suitable paint brand distribution. After hearing this, I was overjoyed and thanked repeatedly. After getting the specific address and bus line from him, I hurried to Baihui building materials market and found boss Li

Baihui market is indeed better than Hudong building materials. Huge billboards, brand-new shops, hundreds of congratulatory banners... Seeing boss Li, he explained his intention. He was very enthusiastic and rare. After reading the company's "Skybird" brand information, I only briefly introduced it, because I knew this was not the point. There are two reasons: first, he has a little knowledge of "Tianniao", especially the praise of stable product quality. If he introduces it again, it will add to the snake; Second, he was born in oil industry, and his education level was not high. The company's strength, purpose, strategy and other issues were too far away for him and impractical. In my opinion, the most urgent help he needs now is not to choose which brand to distribute. He must have been visited by a business manager before. The reason why he hasn't determined the main brand after opening for half a month is that he may not have found a favorite partner

what kind of partner does he want? I was thinking on the bus when I came on the measurement principle of shore hardness tester:

1 As an oil worker, he knows whether the product quality is good or not. When it comes to quality, it's not good

2. His cultural level is not high. I'm afraid he is not interested in how to operate the brand through marketing

3. He has been an oil worker for nearly ten years. Now he can open a shop and do business. It is not appropriate to talk about financial support

4. The advantage of the company lies in good packaging and complete publicity materials. It is not necessary to promote products with the influence of products in oil industry

through talking, I gradually dispelled my doubts about whether to cooperate with him and decided to strive for cooperation with him, because:

1 Having worked as an oilman for 10 years, he is skilled in dealing with product quality problems, saving the company a lot of unnecessary trouble

2. In the local oil industry network, the number of "husband and wife" oil industry relations has reached more than 30, and he has good popularity

3. He has accumulated a certain amount of funds, and the early market launch and promotion costs are not a problem. Judging from the area of its shop reaching 100 square meters, it is already the largest of the eight paint shops around, and the location is also quite good

4. He recognized the "Skybird" brand

5. His open-minded learning attitude is worthy of appreciation, and he has been talking in a tone of consultation

6. The sales mode dominated by oil workers is also highly competitive

as a novice who has changed from an oil worker to do business, he is now the most inexperienced in doing business and cares most about how to quickly open up the situation and improve sales. As the saying goes, "it is better to teach fish than to teach fish". I decided to talk to him from this aspect

I was just about to start talking. I didn't want an interested customer I contacted to find the company's office. When I saw that I wasn't there, I called me. I was ready to purchase after further understanding. Just in time, I'll "hang it" here first. I'll be more prepared in the evening. I'll be more sure to talk about it tomorrow. And it's not too early. After all, it takes at least two hours to get to Minhang from Pudong. I said to boss Li: I'll give you advice tomorrow, and I'll make your business a good start! Boss Li was preparing to listen carefully to me. Seeing that I had something urgent to do, he had to reluctantly make an appointment to talk tomorrow

arrived at the office at more than 7 p.m. and the after-sales service was playing cards with the customer. I thought there was something urgent. It turned out that I was just passing by here to have a look. It will be some time before I buy the goods. I have a good time. Accompany him to dinner. In the evening, we have to prepare what we want to talk about tomorrow

July 9, sunny pudong

I prepared all night yesterday, full of confidence. Today's main work is to strive for cooperation with boss Li. I left at 7:00 in the morning. It was too hot and I was sweating before I went out. Take the bus, change the subway (twice), then take the bus, hit taxi (heartache), and finally arrive within the agreed time, but I accidentally found a salesman from another paint company talking with boss Li. I was a little nervous but pretended to be relaxed, but boss Li was obviously absent-minded. He kept giving me his seat and pouring water and asked me to wait. He was very enthusiastic, which made the salesman very uncomfortable, but he didn't mean to leave, but my heart eased down. After about half an hour, maybe the salesman saw that boss Li was really insincere, so he told him to come again next time

as soon as the salesman left, boss Li told me that he couldn't understand what the salesman said. I was secretly proud. As I judged, the salesman talked about the advantages and purpose of the company. Of course, boss Li didn't catch a cold. Then, boss Li seriously asked me how to do it. I'm going to plan a promotional campaign to drive sales and open up the situation

coupon promotion

I. purpose

1 Make full use of the psychology of end consumers who urgently need to know Paint information and are greedy for cheap

2. It is recommended that the employer buy it for the convenience of oilers

II. Coupon design content

1 positive. Print the following contents: brand logo, background color and pattern, "coupon amount of 100 yuan", advertising language, coupon reason (such as "Celebrating the opening of Tianniao paint store in Pudong Chuansha Baihui building materials City"), number, certification certificate Precautions (this coupon is valid with a seal and invalid with a torn corner; this coupon is not convertible for cash and cannot be deducted from the payment for goods; the purchased products are only limited to suit paint and latex paint; this coupon is only used in local designated stores; this coupon is mainly for new decoration owners; the right of interpretation belongs to the company)

2. back. Print the following contents: selling points of the product series, address and of the exclusive store, address and and address of the company (in Chinese and English), blessing

3. Dimensions. It is half the size of the leaflet

4. Form. It is divided into primary and secondary couplets, and the secondary couplets are used as stubs. The front and back couplets are separated by dotted lines, and the numbers are consistent, so that they can be checked

III. coupon promotion process

IV. maintaining the unity of product prices

the purpose is to convince owners that buying new products with coupons is indeed profitable, which is very critical

1. Announce the "national unified direct selling price" for the products sold, and hang them in a prominent position in the store in the form of KT boards

2. Put the sales list of the previous owner that has been sold at the unified selling price in front of the shopping guide, which is convenient for the shopping guide to maintain the unified price as evidence

3. The product price can be designed by ourselves, and factors such as rebate, gross profit, coupon amount, commission of direct salesperson, etc. must be considered

v. coupon promotion approach

1 Use the salesperson to deliver the house to the owner in the community decorated by the house delivery. If the owner is absent, the coupon will be directly sent to the oiler, who will be asked to hand over the coupon to the owner and recommend it. If the transaction is concluded, a certain commission will be given

2. Use the exhibition and promotion activities of the community to distribute them to the owners in the import and export of the community. At this time, it is not suitable to distribute them to the oilers

3. At the gate of the building materials market, assign personnel to distribute them in a targeted manner

4. In the Sales Department of major real estate projects, targeted distribution to owners

5. Select the top 10 home decoration companies in the local area and distribute them to the owners with targeted recorded data

VI. precautions

1 In the process of coupon promotion, we must negotiate with property management, property management, sales department and home decoration companies and obtain their consent

2. Coupon promoters should be polite, generous, high-quality, and wear uniform clothes and badges, preferably girls

3. In the process of distributing coupons, it is best to let the owner sign and leave a number on the designed form to show caution and facilitate contact

4. One coupon for an owner can't exceed. When the owner insists on asking for it, he can let him go to the exclusive store to think of a way and answer flexibly when buying paint

5. Explain to the owner that this coupon is to take the opportunity of opening a new store to thank the vast number of consumers for their support and love for Skybird, not to promote, not to force promotion

this coupon promotion scheme is generally popular in catering, beauty and other industries, but it is a rare attempt to be used in the paint industry and even the building materials industry, and boss Li immediately agreed. Then, we arranged the specific work: the company was responsible for designing the sample of the coupon and printing 2000 after confirmation; Make a unified direct selling price list in

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