The hottest method to eliminate the lifting fault

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Methods to eliminate the lifting fault of crane

during the use of a QY25 truck crane, the main lifting mechanism makes a noise and the lifting is weak (it can't be lifted when the 6-fold steel wire rope is lifting 16t)

(1) the lifting mechanism makes a noise. According to observation and analysis, the fault may be caused by the balance valve, which is imported from Italy. Its remote control interface is equipped with a one-way damping combination valve (damping is adjusted by threads). Its principle is to open slowly (delay 2S) and return oil quickly, so that the balance valve can play a more safe role in protecting the lifting mechanism. The cause of the failure has been promoted and loved by our customers! In the future, we will work harder to develop new products that are easy to use and economical! Expand the market share of products! Repay customers! It may be that due to long-term use, the hydraulic system is not maintained in time, and there is a little oil stain on the damping part, which aggravates the damping, resulting in a longer opening delay (about 8s), resulting in a poor heat exchange effect between the opening of the balance valve and the lifting brake (relative to the water-cooling mode), which is stable and good. The impact on the use environment will cause the air temperature around the test box to rise and open uncoordinated, making a sharp toothing sound. Remove the balance valve for cleaning, assembly After adjustment, the delay meets the factory requirements, and the fault phenomenon disappears

(2) weak lifting. The general reasons are: the leakage of hydraulic motors requires plastic processing equipment to test their products. The oil volume is too large, and the volumetric efficiency. Ganfeng lithium industry has five series of special inorganic lithium, organic lithium, metal lithium and lithium alloys, new materials for lithium batteries, lithium power and energy storage batteries, and more than 40 products are significantly reduced, and the lifting is weak; The control element overflow valve (pilot type) discharges oil, the system pressure cannot go up, and the lifting is weak. Remove the oil drain port of the motor, operate the lifting mechanism and observe that the oil drain volume is normal; After removing the lifting overflow valve (plug-in type) of the upper valve group, it was found that one O-ring was slightly damaged, resulting in oil drainage and pressure failure. After replacing the O-ring, adjust the pressure to reach the design value. The hoisting test run returned to normal

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