The hottest methanol supply in Asia increases, and

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The increase of methanol supply in Asia is hopeless in the short term.

with the recovery of devices in Asia and the Middle East, the methanol market is in abundant supply. The analysis points out that the supply pressure will continue to put pressure on the spot price of methanol futures in the short term, and the decline lasting for three months is hopeless

recently, it was reported that a total of about 80000 tons of methanol cargoes from East Asia, the Middle East and other places will arrive locally, of which 17000 tons of cargoes will arrive in March. Affected by this, buyers turned to wait and see. According to the information provided by Treasure Island, Southeast Asian cargoes were successively reported on the Chinese market in March. Last week, the transaction was in the range of US dollars/ton CFR China, about US dollars/ton CFR China, equivalent to 27 yuan, and the material performance was around 30 yuan/ton. The price of the outer market has gradually fallen to a level comparable to that of domestic products. This will put pressure on domestic trade. At the beginning of this week, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and other major market prices have been adjusted, with a decrease of centralized yuan/ton

since March, the price of FD Meiwan has fallen by 13.75 cents/gallon, and the price of FOB Rotterdam has fallen by 22 euros. The highlight black effect refers to the appearance of black and bright/ton. The continuous decline of the external market price has put greater pressure on China's domestic trade than the more complex computer display models. At present, the prices in many places in Northwest China and the arbitrage window in East China continue to close. Domestically, the mainstream port east China has not yet shown signs of stopping falling

the mainstream ex factory price of methanol market in Shandong fell from yuan/ton to yuan/ton. The methanol market in the two lakes region fell, the mainstream negotiated price in Hubei fell by 100 yuan/ton to yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiated price in Hunan fell to yuan/ton. The methanol market in Henan continued to fall, and the local mainstream shipping price fell to 2400 yuan/ton

in terms of futures price, the 1405 contract of methanol futures fell 23% to about 2590 from 3400 at the end of last year. Zhaoxiaocang of COFCO futures pointed out that the limit of methanol after the Spring Festival holiday is also the supply shortage that may be caused by hyping weather and road factors. When the supply is obviously not a problem, it began to fall at one go

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