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Italy France joins Qualcomm ecosystem program to expand its sensor market advantage

in order to expand its competitive advantage in the sensor market, Italy France semiconductor (st) announced that it will cooperate with Qualcomm to participate in Qualcomm Qualcomm platform solution ecosystem program, And it adopts Qualcomm technologies (Inc) technology to develop and innovate. Because there are many laboratory machines for wood-based panels on the market, I copied his fixture software solution

Andrea onetti, general manager of the MEMS sensor business department of Yifa semiconductor, said that in close cooperation with Qualcomm Technology, Yifa can ensure that the sensor performance can meet the rigorous requirements of the next generation of mobile devices, wearable devices, and software solutions that support the Qualcomm sensor execution environment, and make these functions seamlessly integrated and faster to market to meet the needs of customers around the world

in this plan, Yifa will provide OEM manufacturers with pre certified MEMS and other sensor software to provide advanced functions for the next generation of smart, connected PC, IOT and wearable devices. It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm Technology has preselected the action focus chip lsm6ds with the highest precision, low power consumption and intelligent sensor software in its latest 5g action reference platform recently, which mainly includes: fatigue testing machine: Message universal testing machine, unidirectional pulsation fatigue testing machine, impact testing machine and other T, as well as high-precision pressure sensor lps22hh. High end instruments, key technologies and components are heavily dependent on imports

lsm6dst is a 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), which integrates a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope in an efficient system and package with high power configuration, and can turn on the high-precision action attention function all the time under the condition of extremely low power consumption; Lps22hh is the first low-noise (0.65pa) and high-precision (0.5hpa) pressure sensor with I3C bus

manvinder Singh, vice president of Qualcomm Technology product management, believes that Italy and France have been important partners for many years, and Italy and France can join the Qualcomm platform solution ecosystem plan to integrate and optimize its advanced sensor algorithms on the always on low-power module of Qualcomm snapdragon mobile platform; And meaning method × The cooperation of strategic suppliers such as 5 is crucial to accelerate the application of 5g technology in different vertical markets

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