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Methyl methacrylate/pmma new year market strong growth

Asian acrylic acid manufacturers said on January 11 that in the new year, flat-panel TVs using the latest light-emitting diode (LED) technology will become the engine of methyl methacrylate (MMA)/polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) demand growth

a Korean manufacturer said that Asia is the main production base of LED TVs in the world, and the output of China's new material industry is expected to reach 30million units this year, which will further promote the demand for acrylate. An MMA manufacturer said that some of the sheets used in LED TVs are cast from MMA and some are extruded from PMMA. The manufacturer pointed out that each TV adopts 2.0 ~ 2.5kg PMMA sheet, which means that the new demand for PMMA will reach 60000 ~ 75000 tons, about three times the estimated increment of 25000 tons in 2009

although the economic recovery is relatively slow, the major electronics manufacturers in South Korea are still optimistic about the sales prospects of LED TVs this year. It is reported that Samsung Electronics, the world's largest TV manufacturer, is planning to expand its product line due to the expected increase in LED TV sales from 2.6 million units last year to 10million units. At the same time, LG Electronics also expects its LED TV sales to rise from 400000 units last year to 7.5 million units with minimum internal stress and warpage. Industry insiders said that mma/pmma manufacturers have a solid foundation for their optimism about the market this year

statistics from the Korea International Trade Association (Kita) show that South Korea's exports of MMA and PMMA increased strongly in October and November last year, mainly to meet the growing demand for LED TVs

Japanese MMA manufacturers believe that the demand growth of PMMA will reach 50000 tons in 2010, twice the growth rate of last year. PMMA extruded sheets will also be used in the production of computer displays. Korean manufacturers estimate that about 140000 ~ 150000 tons of PMMA will be used in this key field in 2010. Another major application of PMMA is injection molding for automotive taillights. About 35000 ~ 40000 tons of PMMA will be used in this field this year

it is reported that led tv is the top product of audio-visual entertainment. The adoption of advanced technology makes this product lighter and thinner than the old TV. The major MMA and PMMA manufacturers in Asia include Sumitomo chemical company, lgmma company, Mitsubishi Rayon company and Qimei company. Both Mo Ke and Ma song believe that

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